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Bridal embroidered sarees

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 19th May, 2023

How to style your bridal embroidered sarees to be a unique bride

Weddings are elaborate affairs that require much planning before the big day. So, the best course for a bride-to-be seeking the perfect wedding saree amid a sea of lehengas is to start looking for it early to avoid the last-minute rush. Here’s the lowdown on all you need to know about choosing the ideal wedding saree, from the types of blouse designs that are now in style to bridal styling advice. Factors to consider before picking your outfit: When picking a wedding saree, a variety of variables are taken...

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Indian garment for weddings

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 17th May, 2023

Bridal Lehenga: A timeless garment for weddings

There is no denying or ignoring that lehengas are everyone’s favourite attire. If you’re getting married soon to your fiancé, don one of these bridal lehengas to appear stunning. Women still prefer to wear lehengas on their D-Day, even though lifestyle, fashion, and preferences have changed significantly. With its grace, beauty, and elegance, this stunning clothing will never go out of style and will always rule the market. Wedding lehengas will seamlessly improve your entire appearance! These gorgeous ensembles are the clear winners and frequently draw attention. History of...

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By Manthan Dhameliya | On 15th May, 2023

Tips to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online in USA

Living in the USA, far away from the desi setup, could be challenging, but this does not necessarily mean you are not a desi diva anymore. We all agree that nothing can ooze royalty and class more than Indian ethnic outfits; hence, we have also expanded our store to the USA. However, we understand that there is always a fear of purchasing private products. So, read this blog to learn how you can buy Indian Ethnic wear online in the USA without being duped or scammed of your hard-earned...

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By Manthan Dhameliya | On 12th May, 2023

Elegance of Ethnic Outfits with These Stunning Blouse Designs

People in India have many reasons to dress up and spread joy on various occasions because of the country’s diverse cultures, civilizations, and religions. Most Indian women are known to be passionate about wearing various ethnic apparel, including luxury sarees purchased in India online, to such gatherings. The mythology and spirit of festivals and celebrations are prominently featured in several options for women’s ethnic attire. Given that there are 28 states and multiple ethnic groups are represented in each of them, the fantastic range of women’s ethnic clothing is...

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By Manthan Dhameliya | On 10th May, 2023

Get women’s latest Indian boutique style dresses 2023 from Kreeva in USA

Indian dresses hold much cultural significance, essential for desi women worldwide. Irrespective of where the person resides, the desi roots pertain, making them yearn for clothes that match their aesthetic. At Kreeva, we understand the need for desi ethnic outfits, so we have curated many options for you to choose from. This blog will describe our bestsellers and generic details about Indian boutique-style dresses. This will assist you with your shopping process and help you select the perfect outfit for yourself. Latest trends in Indian boutiques: 1. Anarkali lehenga:...

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Embroidered Pakistani suis in America

By Manthan Dhameliya | On 8th May, 2023

Buy lates embroidered Pakistani suits of women from us in America

As their name suggests, Pakistani suits were created there and are still worn by local ladies. Pakistani clothing is created to reflect the nation’s unique culture and regional identity. Pakistan’s ethnic attire is like several Central Asian countries and India. History of Pakistani Suits: People with Pakistani ancestry and those who reside there dress ethnically to express their national identity. It is a synthesis of various national ideas. The outfit is also made with consideration for the regional climate. Because of the two countries’ extensive shared history, several regions’...