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Glitz and Glamours Attire of an Indian Bridesmaid

By Kreeva Store | On 24th January, 2022

The Glitz and Glamours Attire of an Indian Bridesmaid

“Will you be my bridesmaid?” asks your friend, who is about to get married. You immediately begin fantasizing about your stunning Indian sari and, of course, say “yes,” even though you have no idea what your bridesmaid duties will involve. Being a bridesmaid comes with many responsibilities; you receive all the advantages, but you also have to put in the effort. As a result, while picking your bridesmaid outfit, you must be very attentive, evaluate everything, and then choose what best makes you look gorgeous while also allowing you...

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Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends for the wedding season

By Kreeva Store | On 20th January, 2022

10 Best Bridal Lehenga Choli Trends for the wedding season of 2022

The new year has just kicked off with lots and lots of things changing around us. One of the most shocking changes can be seen in the bridal industry. The pandemic has had a defining effect on the way weddings are happening. But one thing remains constant; the bride will be out there sporting the best outfit in the entire hall. Brides are to wear the outfit that leaves guests speechless. It is almost a sacred truth that a woman’s inner beauty cannot be accented any better than by...

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Best Red Bridal Lehengas For This Wedding Season

By Kreeva Store | On 12th November, 2021

The Best Red Bridal Lehengas For This Wedding Season

The wedding bells are ringing, and people are getting ready with their pens and papers, making their shopping lists for a dreamy wedding. But the ultimate title for the most important attire goes to the traditional red bridal lehenga for the bride. Adorned with beads, laces, and patches, red colour lehengas for brides have always been the centre of attraction in weddings and a great talking point for the ladies. So, if this wedding season you are looking for something that makes you feel like a queen on your...

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Stylish And Fancy Kurtis

By Kreeva Store | On 5th November, 2021

10 Trendy Ideas To Rock The Parties With Your Stylish And Fancy Kurtis

It is well-known that the countries of South Asia are known for their unique traditions and cultures. And this rich culture evokes images of Eid, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, and the world’s longest weddings. We often arrange parties and family get-togethers to celebrate these occasions. These parties are especially important for women since they allow them to flaunt their fashion sense and beauty. On such occasions wearing high-end ethnic outfits can help you scale up your fashion sense! Yes, you read it correctly. So what do you think would be...

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Trends Of Designer Kurti

By Kreeva Store | On 20th September, 2021

Latest Trends Of Designer Kurti To Flaunt This Season

Fashion is constantly changing. But one aspect of Indian fashion that no one ever will replace is trendy and designer ethnic wear. Regardless of how much we enjoy wearing and displaying western clothing, ethnic Indian clothing Kurti trends will always have a special place in our hearts. It’s not unusual to see folks lusting after high-end designer clothing that costs an arm and a leg. Women of all ages love to show off their designer Kurtis bought from well-known online stores. These designer Kurti for women are far ahead...

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Timeless Trends In Bridal Wedding Lehengas

By Kreeva Store | On 27th August, 2021

10 Timeless Trends In Bridal Wedding Lehengas

Indian weddings are large and lavish affairs. The Indian bridal lehenga choli fashion changes every year. In such a situation, keeping up with the current bridal fashion trends becomes a tasking effort for a would-be bride. But there’s no need to be concerned because we’ll be with you every step of the way. Weddings are unquestionably the most significant events in a person’s life. You can’t manage to appear anything less than your best, and the only way to do it is to choose a lehenga that is both...