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Lehenga Choli Styling Tips


It is hard not to notice the Indian brides’ twirling around in their stunning lehenga choli to get that perfect picture!’ Decking up in a gorgeous pair of bridal lehenga is what every bride dreams about since her childhood. A swirl of dazzle and colors, the Indian lehenga is amongst the most elite and the most elegant silhouettes of the Indian culture. Being a deep-rooted ethnic garment, the evolution of lehenga dates back to ancient India, but it still has not lost its charm as it is an on-going trend that is followed staunchly to date.

Witnessing brides flaunting their colourful yet unique lehenga sets with full grace and pride is something everyone experiences at a wedding. With the continuously changing fashion trends, it becomes necessary to bring in the changes while styling the lehenga choli for your wedding! Styling the wedding lehenga in unique ways can make you look stunning and beautiful.

Embrace Your Wedding Look By Styling Your Lehenga Choli


Best Lehenga Choli

India is a vibrant country! Be it the ancient traditional embroidery, beadwork, zari work, mirror work, or the modern prints, sequins, shimmer, etc., all kinds of detailing on your lehenga choli can make you look stunning! While each state has its own culture, a lehenga unites all the cultures on the bride’s dreamy day. Long gone are the times when brides used to settle for the basic designs. With the coming up of new fashion trends, all the modern-day brides can embrace their wedding looks by choosing the right combination of lehenga and jewelry!

Best Lehenga Choli Styling Tips For The Indian Bride

A bride can style a lehenga in whatever way she wants, but choosing the right way of styling is what makes her look unique. The blog focuses on some of the best lehenga styles that you can choose for your wedding!

Indian Brides And Their Craze For Lehenga

When you hear of an Indian wedding, it is improbable if you do not hear the word ‘lehenga.’ Being a popular Indian ethnic wear ensemble worn by brides, everyone at the wedding wants to have a look at the type of wedding lehenga choli that the bride wears. Known by different names in different parts of India, the quintessential lehenga is a long skirt, which is mostly flared. The choli has an elaborately embroidered appliqué work, and it comes in a plethora of different fabrics and colors.


pink Lehenga Choli

Worn with a dupatta and a blouse, the lehenga is one outfit that worries the bride the most. Selecting the right shade, the right fit, the intricate work, etc. are the essential criteria of the lehenga choli style that cannot be ignored by the bride. After these criteria are met, the bride feels thrilled, content about her choice, and confident for her wedding day. Even though styling a lehenga choli can be the most daunting task for a bride, with the help of some of the tips discussed below, you can ace your wedding look!

1. Say Yay To The “A-Line” Style!


A-line style Lehenga

When you can rock your look with the “A-line” latest lehenga choli style, why choose the other styles? As the name suggests, in the A-line style, all flares of the lehenga gather up in the hemline and represent the letter “A”. If you have a pear-shaped or an hourglass body type, then this A-cut lehenga choli is ideal for you. Not only does it help enhance your curves, but it helps to accentuate your lower and upper torso so that you can flaunt a diva look. Commonly made of velvet, brocade, silk, georgette, and chiffon fabrics, it is amongst the most popular choices of lehengas.

2. Sharara Lehenga Choli Is The New In!

Inspired by the culture of the Nawabs, the Sharara or the Gharara lehenga styles are amongst the most in trend. Most of the curvy girls prefer this style of Indian bridal wear as it showcases their curves flawlessly. Made from heavy fabrics, these lehengas have heavy flares and are divided in between. The majority of the brides prefer this style because of the various experiments performed by the designers with different styles. If you want something easy to wear, then you can choose the loose and fitted Shararas with the long choli of lightweight fabric for your wedding.

3. Pair An Anarkali With Your Lehenga

If you want a wedding look that roots from the Mughal era, you can pair an Anarkali with your lehenga. During ancient times, the Mughal empresses used to wear full covered Anarkalis with a veil and heavy skirts to follow old customs. But the modern designers have started pairing the Anarkali with the latest lehenga designs to give a royal look. Be it a sheer Anarkali or a short hi-low Anarkali, everything pairs well with a lehenga. You can also try pairing a panelled cut Anarkali made from sheer fabric with your lehenga to give a head-turning look.

4. A Jacket With A Lehenga Is Always A Good Option!


Jacket With A Lehenga

One of the freshest entries in the fashion of Indian wedding dresses is of the dupatta less or the jacket style lehenga. Having gained instant popularity among the brides in the wedding season, they are comfortable, chic, and trendy. If you are among those brides who love statement wear and have the confidence to pair a flared skirt with a heavily embellished jacket, this is for you. You can display your creativity by choosing jackets that have luxurious and elegant styles. Also, to get the best look, choose the lehengas in minimal or light work and borders so that it becomes statement wear. Suiting every body type, the jacket style lehenga is perfect for your wedding!

5. Drape a lehenga style Saree


To look unique in their wedding, a lot of brides get confused between wearing a saree or a lehenga choli. Well, with the lehenga style saree, this confusion comes to an end. This style of lehenga collection is just a lehenga that gives an illusion of a saree because of how the dupatta is draped. This style has made it to the top trends because it is hassle-free compared to wearing a saree. You can also search for pre-stitched lehenga sarees on various lehenga choli online shopping websites. This style is most suitable for brides who have a tall height.

6. Get a mermaid’s look with Mermaid Lehenga Choli


A lot of modern-day brides who want the latest lehenga styles choose the mermaid or fishtail lehengas. This unique style of lehenga is the perfect choice for brides who elegantly wish to flaunt their curves. You can pair your mermaid lehenga with a halter neck top or a short crop and minimal jewelry to get a surprising look. Since the Mermaid or Fishtail lehengas are flared below the knees but are well fitted around the hip area, they look the best on an athletic body. To get a better look, you can wear a body shaper below the torso before wearing the mermaid lehenga.

7. Slay with the Wedding Trail Lehenga

Wedding Trail Lehenga

The first thing we fabricate in our minds when we hear the word ‘Trail’ is the White Wedding Gowns. Having taken their inspiration from those gowns, the trail lehenga collection gives a royal look to the bride. The entire silhouette makes the bride feel nothing but a princess. Having gained a lot of fan-following in recent days, the trail lehengas are amongst the most preferred choice of the brides. Various designers are working towards adding creativity to this style of Indian wedding outfits so that in the coming years, the variety in the Wedding Trail Lehengas is going to be larger, and the look will be grander. These lehengas suit all body types.

8. Embellished Blouses To Enhance Your Beauty

If you’ve decided the color and style of your lehenga, but want to experiment with your blouse, then you might choose an embellished blouse. Since all the modern trends include heavy embellished blouses, therefore, decorating your blouse with stones or tassels to give them a heavier look can make you rock your look. A lot of celebrities have started this trend, and following their path, you can get your blouse adorned with beautiful beads, stones, strings, mirrors, tassels, sequins, etc. Since blouses have their embroideries and designs, you can always add an extra touch and play with their designs to give your entire dress a glam look. You can also modify your sleeves’ style or the depth of your neck to make it sassier!

Follow These Steps To Experiment With Your Lehenga Choli

It’s time to ditch the cliched lehengas and experiment with the latest, most stylish, and the best trends for this wedding season. Since weddings are all about fun, enjoyment, and vibrancy, follow the steps above to make a deadly outfit that will make all the heads turn. The eight styling tips mentioned above are the best way for you to make yourself look royal! Take inspiration from the tips mentioned above and then choose your bridal lehenga online. Kreeva is amongst the best places from where you can search for statement pieces of lehenga choli online. Remember, the primary key to fashion is confidence, and therefore, if you can comfortably experiment with these styles, no one can stop you from slaying!


Thanks for the blog, it is very helpful.

Thanks for the blog about the best lehenga choli styling tips for Indian brides, it is very helpful.

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