Bridal Lehenga Choli For the Indian Wedding


A wedding is a special occasion in our lives. We make promises for a lifetime while imprinting the vivid colors of the day in our memories for years to come. The importance of the day and our appearance on the day is immeasurable. Choosing the best wedding attire which makes us look beautiful and is comfortable at the same time is a perfect match made in heaven.

When it comes to wedding outfits, a popular choice among women is designer bridal lehenga choli. Be it in traditional red or any other color, a well-fitting lehenga makes a bride feel like a princess. Therefore, choosing the right lehenga choli for your wedding becomes pertinent.

Finding The Right Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli


Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli

As important as it is to find the right bridal lehenga choli, the process is not an easy one. You can call it a 10-step process starting from knowing your preferences and setting a budget to selecting the right fit lehenga that suits your body and skin type. However, time-consuming it may be, the process is an important one to look the very best on your special day. Doing so will make your wedding day a comfortable one, where you don’t have to feel stuffy or irritated with your outfit. Moreover, your wedding album will be filled with picture-perfect photos.

Tips For The Best Lehenga Choli For Wedding

A lot goes into choosing the perfect lehenga choli for brides. From your body type to your budget, here are ten factors to consider when hunting for your wedding outfit.

● Identify Your Body Type

This is the first step in finding the perfect designer bridal lehenga choli. Identifying your body type is essential to look great on your D-day. It is so because each body type has its flaws and strengths that different lehenga and saree types complement and accentuate. For instance, A-line lehenga skirts are better suited for pear-shaped women, whereas petite women look great in lehengas with clean cuts and smaller embroidery. Your body type can also help you determine the best draping style for your choli and the colors that will suit you best. Similarly, certain blouse styles only complement specific body types.

● Identify The Colors That Suit Your Skin Color


red bridal lehenga choli

You don’t have to be a red bride like others if that is not something you want. Many brides, as well as designers, have experimented with their bridal lehenga choli colors. Based on the type of your body shape and skin color, choose lehenga of a color of your preference that suits you. For instance, the olive color suits warm skin tones more than it does with pale skin tone. Similarly, dark shades complement curvy women more than slim body type. However, certain shades suit all skin tones like eggplant purple, light blush pinks, teal with blues and greens, and cream-white.

● Take The Fabric Into Consideration

Your bridal lehenga choli’s fabric decides how comfortable you will be on the day of your wedding. It can make or break your entire look. Therefore it is an important choice, and a lot goes into it. When it comes to choosing a fabric, the choices are endless. You can choose among silk, net, georgette, Kanjivaram, raw silk, and several other materials. Things that matter while choosing a fabric include weather conditions, body type, and preference, and budget. For instance, in summers, curvy brides will do well to choose lightweight fabrics like georgette.

● Check The Fit Of Your Lehenga

Yes, you may have fallen in love with that designer bridal lehenga choli, but does it fit you? If it does now, does it fit you a week before your wedding? We buy our wedding attires months before the actual day, during which you may need alterations for your lehenga. Moreover, your dress needs to fit you well in all the right places and hide the problem areas (if any). Therefore, no matter how many trials and fittings you need to do, it is better to deal with the hassle than wearing a lehenga with a poor fit.

● Look For The Necessary Add-Ons

Most lehenga choli designs for weddings have heavy embroidery work and look utterly beautiful. However, sometimes the dupatta is not as impressive as the skirt and the blouse. Therefore you may need to buy a separate dupatta altogether. This may even happen if you are not buying a set and instead are piecing up the outfit yourself.


lehenga choli designs for weddings

These things need to be considered when making a buy-list for accessories like footwear, jewelry, clutch, or potli. You also need to make sure to match the accessories and attire, and yes, stay away from stilettos for the wedding. It is always better to do this well-before time to avoid last-minute scrambling.

● Location Is Important

Before you finalize your ghagra for wedding, consider the location of your wedding. Is it inside an auditorium, or are you having it outdoors? Is it in India, or is it a destination wedding? You need to answer these questions before making your choice. While you may think a lehenga looks perfect in the air-conditioned room of the store, wearing it for your wedding is a whole different ball-game. Especially if you are having your rituals outdoors, you need to be careful about your choice of embellishments and fabric. Lightweight fabrics that are printed are the best option for outdoor weddings.

● Do Prior Planning To Get Good Deals


choose your wedding lehenga choli

Setting a budget is important when hunting for the best lehenga choli for your D-day. You may be tempted to splurge a little on your lehenga, but it is always better to be smart when shopping. Why pay more when you can get the same lehenga with discounts during the festive season? Therefore, make it a point to head to lehenga stores during these times to buy your wedding outfit. Moreover, if you are serious about saving money, buying bridal lehenga online is an option for you to explore. Online stores have frequent sales and offer discounts all year round.

● Weather Matters

Is it a winter wedding? Or are you getting married in the dead summer? Asking these questions before you choose your wedding lehenga choli is important because you have to wear it for a long time on your wedding day. You will need to choose your lehenga fabric and design accordingly to ensure maximum comfort. For instance, velvets are a no-no during summers, so are layered silhouettes. Similarly, you can wear chiffon during winters and would need some layers or cape to keep you warm. Therefore, keep in mind the weather conditions on your wedding day when buying your bridal outfit.

● Make A List Of What To Buy

It is easy to get lost in the world of designer bridal lehenga cholis when you are out and about shopping. It is also very easy to splurge on something that you may not even need. Therefore, before you set out to buy your bridal outfit, make a list of things you would need for your D-day. Start by including lehenga choli and latkans and add any accessory you may need one by one. It is always best to stay focused on the list than wandering away from it. You can save unnecessary spending by doing so.

● Do Your Research

Whether you are going bridal lehenga online shopping or visiting a physical store, it is essential to do sufficient research on the latest trends, popular colors, best stores, and recent wedding photographs. With the growth of internet resources, you will find all this information just a few Google searches away. One of the best places to check out pictures of recent weddings is Instagram, aside from magazines, of course. Looking at such pictures will also give you an idea of the popular trends and colors aside from an insight into different bride styles. Moreover, keep a lookout for what the celebs are wearing for their special day.

● Don’t Let The Pressure Get To You

There is an old proverb, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” which is quite apt when it comes to buying you bridal lehenga choli. While it is good to get opinions from friends and family for your wedding attire, your options should not be governed by their opinions. Moreover, keep your circle of advisors as small as possible to avoid unnecessary confusion.

You may be tempted to follow fashion blog tips to the T, but you would do much better choosing an outfit that you are comfortable wearing and prefer. It is your special occasion; it is best to listen to your heart at the end of the day.


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