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Sarees are always the best piece of clothing for women. From Marathi saree to Bollywood saree, women change their sarees preferences any time. Sarees do not go out of style as it is preferred by women around the country. From weddings to different festivals, Sarees are in common. Every region in our country is filled with colors and different cultures. From a Bengali style saree to a Gujarati style saree, Sarees are the common clothing material worn by all women.

Sarees- Perfect Choice for Any Occasion:


saree draping styles

Sarees are women’s ultimate clothing for every occasion and event. A saree gives them the comfort they desire, while upping their style quotient. From weddings to daily office wear, sarees are versatile and perfect for any type of use. Bringing out the beauty of their versatility are different saree draping styles, with each type transforming your look.

Different Saree Wearing Styles for You to Try

We bring to your different saree wearing styles that you can surely try and customize your traditional Indian look into a modern diva:

1. Pant Style Saree:

When you’re looking for saree draping styles, make sure you try this new style saree. Replace the petticoat in the saree with a pant and then drape your saree around it. This look will give you all a modern-day look and is super comfortable to carry.

2. Bengali Style Saree

Bengali Style Saree wearing

Sarees with white and red borders are the origin in the culture of Bengali rituals. Under this saree wearing style, tuck your saree a little over your navel, and towards the right side. From the left side, continue tucking it around the waist.

3. Dhoti style saree:

Bringing in a traditional saree look, for a dhoti style saree, the material should be Georgette, satin with a border not wider than 2 inches in width. Drape this saree with some leggings or tight skinny fit pants.

4. Marathi style saree:

Marathi style saree is commonly found in the state of Maharashtra. Choose a saree length of 9 yards and wear leggings that can come up to the upper portions of your knee. This saree style comes with a certain playfulness and brings out the best look in women.

5. Gujarati style saree:

This saree style is commonly known as Siddha palla saree drape for all the Gujarati women. The saree pallu comes in the front to make them look more traditional and graceful. So, the basic step is to drape the saree from the beginning till the pleats are taken and then tuck it into the center of the petticoat facing the left.

6. Bollywood style saree:

Bollywood style saree



Being inspired by the modern saree draping styles, this saree is from the on-trend fashion appearance by famous actresses in different films. Drape a perfect blue saree with a black blouse and grab all the attention.

7. Gown style saree:

India is famously known for different cultures on one land. From something traditional to a gown style saree. This concept will make it difficult for the ones looking at you, whether you are wearing a saree or a gown. You can wear a gown style saree draping it like a flared gown or like a mermaid cut.

8. Mumtaz style saree:

Mumtaz-Sari wearing style


Who doesn’t want to drape a saree style like the Indian diva of the film industry Mumtaaz. This look has a small visible border on the lower skirt drape, which is layered up to the two edges of the saree. And then the saree is draped without the basic pleats. You’re ready with the Mumtaz saree draping style.

9. Belt style saree:

Wear this saree draping style just like those belted lehengas. This latest fashion trend accentuates your figure and is one of the best hacks to keep the sare intact. Shop for some beautiful saree designs.

10. Madisaru saree style:

This saree style originates from Tamil Nadu. It does not require the use of a blouse or petticoat; the lower half is draped like a dhoti, and the upper half is pleated like a saree. For a festival ritual, this saree wearing style works the best for you.

11. Mermaid saree style:

This saree style is adorned for party occasions to give a curvy effect on the hip section. You can drape this saree with different other methods to get the perfect look.

12. Party saree style:

Party wear saree


Saree style for the party can be a combination of multiple draping styles. To get a traditional yet sensational look, you can combine a regular Maharashtrian saree with a belted cape look. Talk to the fashion experts for some draping styles.

13. Pleated saree style:

One of the most common saree draping styles is Pleated saree. For brides that wear traditional Kanjeevaram sarees or the ones that wear designer sarees, this saree wearing style works the best for each look. A high neck blouse and a pleated cotton saree will assure elegance and style.

14. Neck drape saree style:

From wedding lehengas to palazzos and anarkalis, trends have changed. But sarees never go out of style. With our latest collection, you can get that perfect and unique look. For this style, you have to wrap the pallu around your neck like a scarf. Additionally, you’ll have to keep the length of the pallu longer to get this saree wearing style right.

15. Butterfly saree style:

Sarees are very special to every woman in various phases. And so they are very conscious about the quality, style, and price. All of which is assured by Kreeva at their online store. Under this, pleat the top part of your pally into a thin column after creating a fan-like, butterfly shape for the lower part of your pallu. That’s it, you’re ready to go.

16. Saree on a Skirt:

Ever tried that? All the women surely try different saree wearing styles for different functions. And this one can add up to your list. Wear your favorite funky skirt and top it over with any saree wearing styles listed above.

17. Cocktail saree style:

Cocktail saree


This style is about wearing chiffon or georgette sarees with a heavy border on the pallu. You can buy sarees based on these fabrics from Kreeva. This saree wearing style can be paired with sequined nettops and blingy crop tops.

18. Fish cut saree style:

This saree style is different because of its petticoat as it is fitted at the waist and flares spread at the bottom, which highlights your shape. Choose a satin, silk, or cotton fabric saree with an adjustable drawstring and no extra frills at the petticoat.

19. Floating saree style:

The most conventional method of saree draping style is letting the pallu flow freely after you slightly put it over the edge of the shoulder. It can give you a classy evening look and make you feel all glammed up.

20. Cape saree style:

Capes are considered a prominent piece of clothing for fashion trends. Get a matching cape and put it over your shoulders, on top of your pallu, which gives you a new look for the day.

21. Draping under a jacket:

You are your fashion trendsetter. Choose a plaid jacket to nip off the winter chills with a saree that matches the color of the jacket. Totally cost and undoubtedly innovative.

Choose the best saree draping style for D-day:

All these draping styles modernize your look and are comfortable. No age group is specific for any saree wearing style. Begin your wedding festivities by choosing a draping style from the list above and amaze everyone around you.

Saree styles and Kreeva

Sarees are a woman’s best friend, always having her back on any function she needs to attend. As such, choosing a store to buy them is a big decision. With a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience and the sheer variety of choices, Kreeva is your saree destination. Each saree you come across on the platform is designed and curated by the best, keeping the latest trends in mind. Whether it is the pant saree style or indo-western that you are planning to try, you will get the perfect saree for every drape and occasion at Kreeva.

So are you ready to experiment with your saree?


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