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Evolution Of Anarkali Suit


Anarkali suit first became popular in Mughal’s ancient times, and it got its name from Anarkali, a renowned Mughal Empire courtesan. As it evolved, floor-length mid-length Anarkali’s became popular. Its demand eventually grows and is one of Salwar Kameez’s most common style garments. It is popular because of its long and flowing kurta that completes any woman’s look in an elegant way. Legends say Anarkali has dazzled everybody, particularly Prince Salim, but their story is tragically ending. But her love is immortalized, and that is the beginning of the pattern of Anarkali suit. Women in the Mughal Era wore this suit because it’s made of luxurious fabric clothing as it has the power to enhance their beauty.

With time Anarkali Suit became so popular that legendary Bollywood celebrity Madhubala wore it. This made ethnic wear even more popular during the ’70s and chosen by every woman as the most favourite outfit. Some fascinating and rarely known facts that drove the classic Anarkali suit & Anarkali dress to success:

How Anarkali Suit Design Has Become Popular


Anarkali Suit Design

Anarkali means “Pomegranate Blossom.” Pomegranate is a delectable and well-known intriguing natural product that is widely grown in Iran, India, and the Mediterranean and has a bright orange-red color. The bright color and fancy designs are prominent in the Anarkali suit. And with time bright and fancy designs became the signature Anarkali suit design. It showcases the beautiful work and art of the Mughal era. This makes them perfect for wedding ceremonies and parties. The Anarkali dress helps you stand out from the crowd.

How Floor Length Anarkali Gain Popularity with Time

The Mughal courtesans had learned the famous dance form known as Mujra and used to perform this dance form at the royal court to entertain the Mughal Kings, and the long, flowing dresses (now commonly known as floor-length suit) that the dancers wore were known as Mujra dresses that later became known as floor-length Anarkali in memory of the great dancer and true lover Anarkali. This Anarkali suit is perfect for any occasion or gathering. They are the best for showcasing the sheer length of the fabric.

How Anarkali Salwar Suit became the Ladies Most Favourite Ethnic Outfit

Anarkali salwar suit is worn for special occasions by the ladies on wedding ceremonies, and religious events richly embroidered and embellished with stones, beads, zari, thread, and sequins. It allows ladies to play comfortably with vivid colours, patterns, designs, and fabrics.

How Latest Designer Anarkali Suit Evaluated with Time

The latest designer Anarkali suit we see today is a modernized version of the classic Anarkali suit worn by the glorious Mughal period courtesans. They are made up of a flowing top or kameez frock-style and a slim-lined bottom or churidar along with a long matching scarf or dupatta. The contemporary Anarkali suits come in various lengths. With the evolution in fashion, designers have introduced various types of such suits with different styles and patterns, so there’s something for everybody.

How Anarkali Suit is Made

Anarkali salwar suit comes from top-quality linen, pure georgette, velvet, brocade, chiffon, net, etc. They are also made from modest fabrics of cotton that are suitable for everyday use. There are a variety of Anarkali suits that are available online which fits on every occasion.

How Anarkali Dress Came to Fashion


Anarkali dress styles

Nowadays Anarkali dress dominates the fashion industry. It is a perfect balance for the fashion world of tradition and modernity. It makes you look poised with radiant grace. Some of the Anarkali dress styles include sequins, lace laden, and embellished pieces. They are a favourite piece adorned with marriages, parties, and events. And they have become the go-to Anarkali outfit because of the style and elegance it offers. The exquisite dress is created in a multitude of styles such as thread work, handwoven. Chiffon, silk, georgette and even net can be the fabric of choice.

How Traditional Anarkali Suit Design Are Still In Fashion

With the ever-growing range of suit design and dress design, it has become the favourite traditional attire for women of all ages. People look elegant in such suits.

Four main types of Anarkali suit which have always been in fashion:

● Lehenga Style Anarkali Suit

Lehenga Style Anarkali Suit was influenced by the royal dressing under the flared kameez top, instead of salwar and trousers. Wedding Anarkali wear falls in that kind of category.

● Overcoat Anarkali Salwar Suit

The pattern of wearing a body-hugging coat in a deep neck cut on top of the kameez persisted for a very long time, during which the Mughals introduced the style of ethnic wear in Anarkali salwar suit. By incorporating this overcoat waistcoat style, it is easier to add sophistication to an attire.

● Over Layer Style Anarkali Suit

It is very stylish and gives an elegant look over layer styles from the yoke lines or as overcoat wear in a flared pattern to cut straight over wear on long Anarkali. Embroidered over layer-style Anarkali suits have won wedding and ceremonial hearts.

● Jacket Style Anarkali Suit

Jacket style Anarkali suit is the most chosen suit for years. A highly embellished Anarkali jacket is a great way to add elegance to your style. As for the colors of the jacket, you can choose from classy slivers to golden ones or any color of your choice.

● Silk Anarkali Suit

Silk has been the chosen piece from the Mughal era. Silk Anarkali, the unreal silhouette it makes gives you a touch of royalty. It is one of the most coveted garbs, and one of the most versatile pieces for Indian women. It’s a perfect fit for unique Indian occasions where it looks culturally rich and auspicious.

● Asymmetrical cuts Anarkali suit

Asymmetrical cuts Anarkali suit is back in fashion. You can wear it in bold colors to completely color and flaunt the modern style with a traditional touch. It’s a perfect piece for family reunions, festivals, and special occasions.

Why You Should Buy Anarkali Suits Online

● You Will Be Exposed to Different Designs and Patterns:

It is a perfect choice if you don’t want to hop to offline stores and end up buying the old designed and patterned suit. Buying Anarkali suits online means you will have a variety of choices from party wear traditional designed Anarkali suits to modern designed floor-length.

● You Can Choose Your Favourite Fabric:

Anarkali suits

You can find Anarkali suits online with a variety of fabrics. Fabric description will be mentioned in the product description section. The fabric types include net, viscose, georgette, chiffon, and lace. Embroidery such as appliqué, Phool Patti, Bagh, Chikankari, Kashmiri kashida, Soof, Gota, Ahir, Kantha stitch, Kathiawari, Kutchhi, Badla, Glass, patchwork and more.

● You will Have Variety of Color choices:

As for the Anarkali’s color is concerned you’ll be spoiled with options when you buy them online you will find everything from calming white and gold, pastels and neons to traditional red, maroon, green and pink.

● You Will Not Be Confused with Suit Length:

Sometimes women make mistakes by choosing the wrong length suit but while you are buying Anarkali suits online you will be showcased with height chart by looking at the height chart you will be able to avoid such mistakes.

● You will See Plenty of Options:

You will find plenty of contemporary options while buying Anarkali suits online. The online market is also filled with several Anarkali dresses these days. You can also choose over the traditional silk and cotton for different fabrics such as nets and velvets. Beautiful embroidered Anarkali suits are also quite in vogue for this wedding season with an exquisite blend of floral prints and intricate embellishments.


full-length Anarkali dresses

Anarkali suit helps you to play around with simple, comfortable, and breezy outfits. For the current year, full-length Anarkali dresses are a major hit. Apart from being comfortable, the Anarkali dress looks elegant. Such suits are suitable both for everyday wear and for special occasions. It is appropriate for girls and women to wear every day as it does not cause any trouble. Working women like it better also because of its quotient style, which closely mimics the formal look particularly those with collars, jackets or long coats.

A noteworthy feature of these suits is the use of contrasting colors. Because of the embroidery on the neckline and sleeves, they extremely beautiful. To produce a striking effect, lacework is sometimes used around the neckline and even in the flares. The use of heavy embellishment or embroidery on solid colors changes this suit’s look, and the use of delicate prints or patterns can turn the Anarkali fit for casual wear into a contrast. The suit is a combination of old and modern traces of Mughal culture mixed with fashion trends around the world.


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