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New Party Wear Sarees


The saree has been indigenous women’s ultimate timeless ethnic wear for many generations. This outfit not only defied the time test, but it is also one of the most trendy clothes in modern times. Being extremely versatile clothing, it has always been open to developments and modern influences. Hence, it has ultimately led to the development of fashionable and stylish party wear sarees.


Indian party wear saree

Indian party wear sarees are notably colorful and glamorous. The most beautiful and modern women’s party wear is a blend of western refinement and the decorative splendor of traditional Indian garments. That leads to great options for both women and men. Yet, even the brightest outfits, whether west, Indian or indo-west, need the exact sort of styling.

So where to find the right party wear sarees online? Kreeva has an awe-inspiring range of fancy party wear saree on their website.

How To Make A Style Statement With Party Wear Sarees?

To make a style statement, one must consider the opportunity, outfit, and individual aesthetics. To boost the party wear sarees, the right kind of shoes, handbags, and accessories is crucial.

1. Jewelries And Accessories

Jewelries And Accessories


Moveable Indian party wear sarees, with a fresh style or silhouette twist, should be paired with a single piece of jewelry to make the whole outfit charming. You can also unite your designer party wear saree with a diamond pendant, candlestick earrings, a bracelet, or a bangle. You should play with a diamond stump’s nose ring or headgear if you are after anything special. The jewelry should remain synchronized with the design and fabric.

2. Footwear

Pay attention to match your dress to the right shoes. If you intend to wear party wear sarees, you can choose to use high heels to get the right outfit fit and drape. It is crucial for both men and women. The color of the dress with the shoes is not essential. You may opt to wear shoes that complement the color of your accessories. They may be of neutral shades, nude colors, or metallic shades.

3. Clutches And Handbags

Clutches And Handbags

The last touch is the handbag for any party look. It also helps with a practical function, i.e., a place to keep valuable items such as the telephone, cash, and credit cards. There are many incredible Indian clutches. The best way to select a smaller purse or a handbag is to wear Indian party wear sarees with decoration or embellishment.

These are the various factors that will play a significant role in helping you boost your fashion statement, and give you a variety of choice in saree for girls party wear.

Now let’s move on and see diverse party wear saree designs that will ultimately make people look back and follow you.

Latest Designer Party Wear Sarees To Look Up To

Let’s look at the different creative ways in which the whole six-yard robe turned into a new, ethnically moving statement.

  • Printed Saree


Printed Saree

Let’s move on from the thread work and zari work. It is time to give the conventional sarees a complete overhaul with peculiar and creative graphics that speak for their style and free spirit. Bold and beautiful printed saree party wear is the newest way to make a distinct and established style declaration for women in sarees. You may select flower prints, sculptures, geometric designs, and animal retro prints. However, you must be confident so that you can pull off the bold look with elegance. Make sure the imprints and designs are not over the top.

  • Gown Saree


Gown Saree

It is not a saree or saree apparel. However, due to its trendy style and widespread popularity, this new party wear saree is worth mentioning on the list. The saree gown is a semi-formal, traditional, saree-filled party gown. These robes have a fluid pallu that’s sewed separately. The figurative fit of the robe emphasizes the curves. The typical aura of the saree reinforces the gentle and sensitive feminine characteristics. They are unachievable with a formal robe. With this elegant and smart saree-like gown, make your fun-playful side flaunt.

  • Net And Lace Sarees


Net And Lace Sarees

The most famous Bollywood fashion sarees are the lightweight and sensual net and lace sarees that enhance the wearer’s atmosphere by unveiling a little and leaving the rest to the imagination. A bold French lace saree brings to the conventional wear a vintage twist. Lace is a common material that has dominated the world of fashion for ages. Net sarees are an everyday favorite with celebrities that make the overall appearance sensuous and riddled with an assortment of light and dark shades. These are  party wear sarees with price that will suit your budget and make you look fantastic.

  • Jacket Paired Sarees

Instead of the same old blouse or choli, the new sauce mode matches conventional sarees with smart short jackets. This trend is prominent among famous B-Town celebrities such as Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor. The sticky jackets come with high necklaces, which offer the clothing a sleek and vintage feel. The jackets matched with nude and plain, light-colored sarees are indeed chivalric. This is a party wear saree new design that adds a western look to your ethnic wear.

Take a willingness to incorporate these futuristic statements into your conventional fashion designs. Moreover, favor buying party sarees online from reputable online shops with the latest fashion trends and styles.

Traditional Party Wear Sarees At Your Rescue

Who said heavy party wear sarees are a no-no? Make a fashion statement with these traditional attires without emptying your pockets.

1. Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree


The party wear lehenga saree, which is the most common traditional Indian clothing, is harmoniously combined with lehenga and saree. It is Bollywood’s new saree mode. Celebrities are recognized wearing them in events and functions. This costume incorporates beauty with functionality and is suited for urban women who have a highly advanced lifestyle. The lehenga saree prevents clothing and plate forming hassles. You have to slip on the pre-stitched lehenga ground to finish your look and drape the long pallu style of saree.

2. Handloom Sarees

Handloom Sarees


Unrivaled is the sheer, luscious texture of the handloom sarees! They are timeless, consistent, and classic to wear in exceptional circumstances. There are different kinds of handloom saree, but Kanjivaram and Banarasi are the most common handloom saree that looks very elegant on every woman. Couple this with a basic style blouse. Now you are sorted with your saree for wedding party!

3. Georgette Sarees

Georgette Sarees

Georgette sarees party wear complete Indian fashion with a wide range of patterns, styles, and variations. Extremely desirable, appealing, and sensational georgette sarees. They give the wearer an incredible, elegant, and beautiful look. They are available in a wide variety of styles. They are the perfect choice for business as well as social events. Georgette is consistent with typical Indian patterns and designs with strong consistency. That’s why you look elegant and sophisticated when wearing a saree of this fabric.

4. Silk Saree

High silk saree


Party wear silk saree adds beauty and glamor to your look immediately. Pick a lightweight saree when you expect guests at home for the festival. So you are willing to look graciously on your toes with the festive preparations. Heavy sarees look nice, but you may end up repairing them half the time instead of taking care of your guests. High silk sarees these days are an enormous success. They are notably beautiful and yet comfortable to wear.

5. Chiffon Sarees

A lightweight, airy and transparent textile, chiffon sarees party wear is the perfect choice for swollen summers. They are very delicate, created with threaded twisted yarn. One of the most common items made from this fabric is a chiffon saree. There is unparalleled beauty in the drape of a well-made clothing saree. The textile itself has become associated with summer wear and gained much attention in recent years.

6. Velvet Sarees


Velvet Sarees

The rich velvet saree has a special aura and elegance. The bright and royal velvet fabric saree is unusually charming in the dark. You can combine it to make a beautiful look with a velvet blouse! You can wear this gorgeous velvet saree for farewell party to look your best and have heads turn for you.

7. Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees


Cotton sarees are ideal for women and girls as both festive wear and casual wear. In particular, sarees have remained a tradition for many epochs during every Indian festival. Besides, on numerous occasions, several foreign women visit the country with cotton garments. On the other hand, the best choices for formal wearing are cotton sarees. Women work at various locations such as colleges, schools, hospitality, manufacturing, the aviation sector. The ideal wear is a cotton saree. You can also find bridal sarees made of cotton if this is not enough. These printed saree party wear will rock your nights of occasion and glam up your look!


We ladies know that if it is worn, nothing beats the beauty of a saree. Ultimately, the aim is not to obey fashion regulations but to establish an appearance that emphasizes the beauty of both the outfit and the individual who has worn it. Be it a saree for a farewell party or a saree for the wedding party, Kreeva brand also displays wondrous ways of designing them in addition to selling sarees.

There you can find the latest party wear sarees at a very pocket-friendly price.


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