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Drape A Half Saree To Look Stylish and Gorgeous


A saree is a timeless ethnic beauty that personifies the culture and spirit of Indian tradition supremely and has continuously remained open to transformations and up-to-date designs. This is the reason many modern women keep on experimenting with this attire and fancy opting for stylish half saree designs that are recently in vogue due to their stunning fashion appeal.

Half Saree For A Stylish

This 6-yard ensemble filled with grace and elegance brings out the traditional and ethnic side of a woman in a way like no other outfit does. Gone are the days when a saree was simply perceived just as a traditional outfit as it has undergone radical changes and evolved as a perfect blend of ethnicity and modernity that has been ruling the fashion world for centuries.

Top Easy To Drape Half And Half Saree Designs

Wearing a stylish half and half saree is something that has developed as a huge style trend from the wedding season. There are plentiful different drapes and vogues in which a woman can carry this half and half saree to get a flawless blend of style and elegance.

Half And Half Saree

Numerous beautiful and trendy half saree designs are surely enchanting and can set powerful fashion goals when coupled up with the classic pair of accessories. In addition to this, there are various sophisticated and fashionable saree designs that a woman can get in both offline and online stores.

However, the availability of different options of half and half saree both online and offline stores can bewilder any woman. Also, choosing the right drapes to get a graceful look can further increase the challenges of the wearer. Hence, to make the process of saree and drape selection easier mentioned below are a few latest half and half saree designs and ways to drape them elegantly to get showered with compliments.

1. Stylish And Trendy Lehenga Half Saree

Trendy Lehenga Half Saree

 This trendy lehenga style half sarees presents a symphonic combination of a saree and a lehenga which are the two of the most fancied Indian traditional outfits. This stunning wedding lehenga half saree is pretty much in vogue in the present times, and one can behold many fashion influencers vaunting them at wedding receptions and festive events.

The main reason why many women in the modern era prefer this saree design is because it blends style and comfort in the most enchanting way. These elegant and designer half and half sarees for every festive occasion are most suitable for the present-day working women who have a busy life.

It is extremely easy to drape this lehenga half saree as there is no need to create pleats. All a woman is required to do is to easily drape it on a lehenga to get the most alluring look. In addition to this, a wearer can also drape the pallu of this lehenga half saree in a Gujarati style or in a Bengali style to get that Indian ethnic touch.

2. Traditional Half And Half Silk Sarees

Indian wedding and festive events are full of splendor and elegance, and a woman can never overlook the grace and beauty of the traditional half and half silk sarees. These traditional silk half and half sarees have earned immense predominance in modern times, and various designers have developed their designer silk half and half saree collections.

Each Indian state holds a distinguished variant of silk fabric and this is why women in present times hold a myriad of options in these half and half traditional silk sarees. Out of all the designer and latest designs in silk sarees, pattu half sarees are getting a lot of renown.

 This traditional half saree enhances the charm and elegance of a woman and assists in making an out-of-the-box style statement. The latest designs in these half silk sarees and their comfortable fabric and is what make these sarees the most preferred choice amongst women who love wearing traditional silk sarees. These sarees can easily be draped in various styles and patterns to give them a more vintage look. For instance, you can drape this saree by keeping the pallu flowing in front or making some pleats and securing the pallu on the shoulders for a more sophisticated look.

3. Monochrome Patterned Half Sarees

Monochrome Patterned Half Saree


Indian fashion is all about playing with colors. However, most of the time a simple combination of monochrome is adequate to stand out and shine brightly. If the style choice of a woman has always remained simple yet chic, then this monochromatic stylish, and readymade half saree is the perfect fit.

These monochrome half sarees look flawless on all kinds of events, be they daytime social occasions or nighttime casual or formal events. Since these half sarees come ready to wear, one can easily drape these sarees within minutes. In addition to this, if the wearer wishes to make a more stunning and unique style statement then they can also pair this saree with a slim-fit pant with a statement belt around the waist.

This piece of beauty can further be paired with a unique ornamented blouse to give it a flawless glow. Minimalistic yet stunning, monochrome half sarees can be the perfect go-to option for women who are attempting a charming and modern look.

4. Dhoti Style Fashionable Half Saree

This dhoti style half saree is yet another latest ethnic outfit option that allows the wearer to dive deep into vibrant Indian tradition. These sensual, classy, and chic, dhoti style half sarees are a chic style statement perfect for diverse events.

A woman can wear this ornamented half saree with elaborate embroidery detailings for a wedding party or a printed dhoti style half saree for a more refined and contemporary look.  With cheerful hues and patterns, a dhoti-inspired half saree model for weddings can be styled in distinct drapes and on a variety of blouses.

If a woman is contemplating buying an opulent party wear half saree for a wedding or an engagement function, then a dhoti style half saree can look stunning when paired with statement ornaments for that impeccable look.

5. Jacket Style Half Sarees

Jacket Style Half Sarees

The most fashionable style in the half saree trend is teaming up a stunning designer party wear half saree with a contemporary ethnic jacket rather than adorning a choli or a traditional blouse. This is one of the style trends that are much in fashion and vogue from the last wedding season.

A woman can easily choose a densely embellished jacket that comes with a deep neckline to bestow an opulent and timeless touch to her outfit. This magnificent jacket looks majestic when matched with nude shaded or pastel-tinted sarees. For draping these jacket style half sarees all a woman is required to do is to make pleats and let the pallu fall on the other hand.

6. Gown Style Half Sarees

If a woman craves to level up her fashion game and hold a desire to look distinct from others then in that case draping a ball gown style half saree is a perfect choice. These elegant half sarees draw their inspiration from prestigious Indian traditional sarees and a modern indo-western gown.

They are the supreme blend of both these outfits and are the most favored outfit selection if a lady is desirous of making an out-of-the-box fashion appeal. This ornamented half saree comes with a running pallu and stitched pleats that make it more convenient to drape.

The body-hugging fit of these elegant half gown style sarees additionally highlights the wearer’s style, while this saree’s traditional fashion boosts the elegance. Therefore, a woman can never go amiss with this beautiful gown-style half saree when looking for buying opulent sarees for a banquet party or any festive occasion.

7. Beautiful Net Half Sarees

Net Half Sarees

These luxurious and refined net half sarees are a timeless tradition that has been prevailing in the fashion industry over the ages. It is the most preferred half saree option among contemporary Indian women. This embellished party wear half saree can magnify the wearer’s charm by exposing some skin in its sheer fabric.

Draping these net half sarees is extremely easy as all a woman needs to do is make around 3 to 4 pleats and then place the pallu over the shoulders by securing it with a safety pin. These embellishing net half sarees have revived the traditional saree by presenting it with a sumptuous sensuous touch and thereby making it an excellent choice of fearless and bold women of up-to-date times.

Get Stylish Half Sarees For Every Occasion Online

A half saree is emerging as a beautiful outfit that can flawlessly suit every event and all body shapes. There are numerous ways in which these half sarees can be draped and are available in various designs online. One can effortlessly opt for the modern or traditional half saree designs the modern dhoti style half saree or traditional pattu half sarees latest designs or the net half sarees and many more as most of them usually come ready to wear with stitched pleats so that even a woman who does not know how to wear a saree can drape it conveniently.

These designer half sarees from Kreeva come in some invigorating shades and patterns that make them eye-catching and beautiful and carry the ability to make a head-turning style statement everywhere right from amiable family dinner to a workplace party to a festive occasion if adorned in an appropriate and elegant style.


[…] Stylish half and half saree is a blend of flawless style and elegance. Here are the 7 different ways to drape half and half saree for an enchanting look.  […]

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