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Ethnic Wear Trends To Pick This Diwali


The festival of lights is nearing close! Though the pandemic set us back in our festive moods this year, Diwali is bound to bring the cheer right back to our faces. Even with the new regulations in practice, we can dress up for the occasion! Dressing up is never a crime, especially when it is Diwali. And Indian culture has just provided us with a sea of options to choose from in our beautiful, gorgeous, and trendy ethnic wear. The grandeur and elegance of these Diwali ethnic wear put them on the trending market of festive fashion. We need to delve into the Indian Diwali outfits to help choose the dress that defines your style.

Indian Culture and Ethnic Wear – The Bond


Ethnic Wear

If there is one thing India can be proud of, it is the vast cultural variation in the country. And that turned out to be great for the fashion industry as we get to see many styles! The robust cultural practices resulted in a mixture of dressing styles that modified fashion trends over time. These aspects demanded global interest in Indian cultures and their wide variety of ethnic designs.

Types of Ethnic Wear

There is never a shortage of rituals or festivals in India where people love to dress up and adorn themselves with amazing outfits and accessories. It is the main reason for diversity, not in culture alone but also in fashion. And Diwali is celebrated by everyone, despite their differences. This calls for a fusion of culture, tradition, and of course, fashion! The range of Indian dresses for Diwali is vast, with different styles for both men and women. But the number of dress designs and fashion choices available for women are numerous.

If you thought the choice for ethnic wear for women was simple, think again! Here we have prepared a short list of outfits you can consider for your perfect Diwali look-

  • The Most Popular – Sarees


Diwali trending Sarees

Meet one of the top Diwali trending dresses! Sarees are the most common ethnic wear (and a real show stopper) in India, also favored globally. They have gained a lot of love due to the elegance they wrap the wearer in, though wearing one demands some skillful draping skills that some of us are yet to master! Sarees are usually known for the material and the place where they are woven. There are three parts in a saree: the pallu (the exquisitely designed section draped over the shoulder), the border or Zari, and the body. The blouse complements the saree.

The different types of sarees deserve a whole blog article for themselves. Therefore, we have listed some popular ones here.

  1. Silk Sarees like Banarasi Silk, Kanchipuram Silk, Assam Silk, etc. that are either woven from pure silk or a mix of silk and cotton, with gold or silver strands at the borders.
  2. Chiffon Sarees are a mix of nylon and polyester with silk. It is the most comfortable saree type with a light, breezy fabric and mesh-type weaving style.
  3. Georgette Sarees are very soft and display a slightly crumpled texture. The material is crepe, a mixture of rayon, viscose, nylon, and polyester. It is preferred because it is easy-to-wear and the pleats stay stiff!
  4. Lacy sarees or netted sarees are usually a mix of cotton with other polymeric fabric materials. They are a more recent trend compared to the previous ones.

There are many more new and trendy styles of sarees adorned with embroidery and sequin works that add to the grandeur. These aspects make Sarees the top choices as Diwali dresses for ladies.

  • The Staple Fashion Statement – Salwar Kameez


design to salwar kameez

It is the most soothing, comforting yet classy Indian outfit. Styled by Muslim women in the beginning, the trend caught up in India and is now one of the top trending dresses for Diwali.  The wide range of collections and designs is mind-boggling; almost every clothing store in India has a vast array of Salwar kameez dresses. The styles have evolved to such an extent that Salwar Kameez has become the standard Diwali ethnic fashion, favored by women of all ages. A similar design to salwar kameez is the Patiala Pantsuit! Poofy pants have also made their place onto the trend!

Pretty famous in the line of pantsuits, the Anarkali, another type of Salwar Kameez, is also a popular fashion choice for festive seasons. The Diwali dresses online have a wide range of Anarkali tops, decorated with either royal embroidery, simplistic border designs, colorful prints, and color matches. The twirly flowing fabric is either a mixture of cotton or lace with the A-line design beginning right from the hips. It has ruled the market before, and it still does.

  • The Indian Princess Attire – Lehenga Choli


festive Lehenga Choli

It cannot get any more festive than a Lehenga Choli! Due to the royal and majestic look, they are THE perfect choices of attire if you plan to marry this Diwali! All others fret not! Lehenga Cholis bring the festive joy along with them and are a feast for the eyes. They also come in three pieces like a Salwar kameez; except here, the top is substituted by a blouse, and the bottom is a long, full-length skirt rather than a pant.

Usually, the long skirts and the blouses adorned with sequin work or shimmer work layered with a laced fabric. But again, the designs vary widely mostly to fit the person’s tastes. Lehenga choli is an easy choice in this years’ Diwali fashion trend if you want to feel like a modern-day princess!

  • The Simple Side of Diwali – Kurtas and Palazzo Suits


For those who want to tone down the humdrum, feel relaxed, and laid back for this Diwali, Kurtas are an excellent pick! These are bold and humble attires amongst all the available Diwali dresses, styled for a comfortable fit. Simple accessories suffice to bring out the features of the wearer. Kurtas are a preferred choice among teenagers and adult women. The dupatta acts as an extra styling accessory. These cotton or georgette material dresses will please any wardrobe they are a part of!

Diwali Kurtas and Palazzo

When it comes to breathing space, our legs need it too! And the best outfit for this is the Palazzo suit! Their versatile designs make them a very suitable match for anything, from a Kurti to a Kameez. The pants come in different styles – palazzos with evenness from the thigh to the ankles, wide palazzos that fan out at ankle height, high-waisted ones, which are the new stylish trends in the market, and many more.

  • The Elegant Wrap – Ethnic Shrug

The shrug is a lace or cotton cloth with intricate embroidery and mirror work. Getting the right length is essential for the look, mostly relying on the dress that is to be worn underneath. They are paired with leggings, kurta tops (medium or long in height), long skirts, etc. The best thing about these shrugs is that they can take your dress up one level! Shrugs are becoming more and more popular, with celebrities adding more flavor to the style. They add a classy look when worn with jumpsuits and even casual wear! With a little accessorizing, you’re ready for the party with the Diwali ethnic fashion!

  • The Easy Pants – Dhoti Suit


Dhoti Suit

Finding pants that fit you right is a real pain. But here come Dhoti pants to the rescue! The pants are puffed up at the thighs and start tapering near the ankles, thus being a comfortable pair. They work perfectly when matched with a short Kurti top and simple jewelry! Inspired from a men’s apparel, a Dhoti is a type of cloth wrapped around the waist. A fun twist on this traditional piece of clothing brought us Dhoti suits, a stunner outfit idea for a trendy ethnic Diwali celebration!

  • Accessories – The Cherry on Top!

For the ultimate look, accessories are essential! Accessories add the extra flavor and pack an extra punch! But it is always best to keep it simple. For a well-embroidered dress, a simple shimmering clutch, or a velvet purse is perfect! Jewelry like a single statement ring, authentic antique earrings, statement bangles, and a necklace complement all ethnic dresses marvelously.

Footwear matters too! Heels, sandals, cut shoes, and many more can be added to match the glimmer of the outfit. For a full festive look, choose antique accessories that match your style and apparel. We would never have thought, but there is a lot of planning that goes into the perfect look!

With hundreds of platforms offering thousands of ideas and styles of ethnic wear online, get started on your Diwali dress online shopping! Kreeva understands this completely; hence, we are here to help you find your style. Log on to our site to find a wide variety of ethnic outfits and choose the best for you. These fashion trends in ethnic wear were possible only because people chose to style them differently. So, this Diwali, bring out your unique style on these extraordinary ethnic wear and adorn your wardrobe with some festive collections. May you have a dazzling, glamorous, and safe Diwali!


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