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Gorgeous Salwar Suits


This comfortable and quintessential form of style originated in the era of Mughals. Salwar suit or salwar kameez is the most popular choice for traditional wear in India. Known for its style and ethnicity, a Salwar Suit is the go-to outfit for many Indian women in case of emergency or doubts, be it office, college, or a party. Everyone has a few amazing salwar kameez pairs to charm up the situations when jeans, pants, or dresses refuse to work out. This never-ending trend of Salwar Suit was kept alive by the leading designers in the fashion industry.

Gorgeous Salwar Suits

From heavy embroidery to vibrant colors and different fabrics, there are multiple combinations and options to choose from when it comes to salwar kameez. Today we have so many different types of salwar suits apart from the basic three pieces. You can accessorize your outfit with jackets and capes, experiment with layering, scarfs, and dupattas. With a wide variety of styles and patterns available, Kreeva has given us more than enough reasons to start this year with restyling our closets with salwar suit online shopping.

Different Style Of Salwar Suits For Your Wardrobe Of 2021

Style Of Salwar Suits

Kreeva presents a range of salwar suits online to shop. From salwar suits for wedding and parties like the latest dhoti salwar designs to simple and sophisticated white salwar suit for offices. The various types of salwar kameez help women remain unique and vibrant; some instances of these are Anarkali suits, palazzos with kurtis and dupattas, churidars, dhoti-salwar and many more.


Contrary to popular belief that salwar kameezes are ancient, the variety in the same is shocking yet applaudable. Here are some different types of suits:

1. A-Line Or Straight Cut Salwar Suits

Straight Cut Salwar Suits


The classic A-line or straight cut salwar suit is the most popularly worn pattern of salwar suits in India. The timeless design of a straight-cut salwar suit is quite outstanding in terms of elegance and class, regardless of being simple. India’s amazing ethnic wear portrays the traditions and culture of this country eloquently with its charm and grace. Available in various fabrics from cotton, silk to velvet, these salwar suits are ideal for almost every occasion.

2. Palazzo Suit Designs

Palazzo Suit Design


No one can deny the charm of trousers or palazzo pants. Known for giving your legs the much-needed breathing space, these gorgeous yet comfortable Palazzo suits are versatile and look great. These flared and wide hemmed bottom pant styles are becoming a go-to choice for women everywhere. They are fun to style and flattering in looks and works wonders for each body type. Keep in mind to make these generally palazzo suits a part of your wardrobe this year.

3. Anarkali Salwar Suits

Anarkali Salwar Suits


Anarkali salwar suit is an original, dating back to the Mughal era. Its beautiful and royal look catches the eyes of everyone in the room. This style, known for its elegance, is suitable for all body types, for various occasions like weddings and parties, and festive settings. An Anarkali salwar suit is longer than standard designs; the length of Kurti falls somewhere below the knees. This easy to wear is one of the most comfortable pieces of ethnic attire in Indian wear. The suit resembles a dress and is preferred by modern-day women and young girls.

4. Punjabi Salwar Suit

Punjabi Salwar Suit


These fancy salwar suit designs from Punjab are loved, adored, and worn by women in India and some men. Punjabi salwar kameez features Kurti, salwar, and dupatta. Phulkari dupatta is one of the most popular choices amongst women. Pair it with a plain suit, and you will look nothing less than fabulous and elegant. Punjabi salwar suit comes in a variety of bold colors and elaborated prints and designs. These suits make you look approachable, bold, and beautiful.

5. Churidar suit

Churidar suit


In trend since the retro age of Indian fashion, the faultless and the all-time hit churidar suit comes in unique colors, lengths, and fabrics. Suitable for all body types, this traditional attire is worn by women globally. They give a modest, elegant, and graceful look. Bottom line, this comfortable cotton salwar suit pattern is the most favored daily wear amongst Indian women.

6. Afghani Salwar Suit

Afghani Salwar suits are a trendy outfit in the industry of salwar suits. A wider pleated cuffs than any other type of salwar, with a slim and short kurta and dupatta, is a look favored by many fashionistas and fashion bloggers. Inspired by Afghanistan’s land, this trend portrays a balloon-like silhouette with narrow cuffs and fierce fashion choices. Look for one with a vibrant color scheme, intricate design, and comfortable fabric, and be ready to turn eyes every place and party you go to.

7. Dhoti Salwar Suit


Dhoti Salwar Suit

Traditionally a garment meant to be worn as bottom wear by Indian men; dhoti has emerged as a popular choice for modern and young women. This light and comfortable pair of dhoti pants make you wonder why didn’t anyone try this chic style earlier. Style these with jackets or tops and kurti to get a fashionable look. You can find different designs and patterns in dhoti salwar suitable for different body types. From long asymmetrical kurtas, tops, and shawls to crop tops and jackets, the latest Dhoti salwar suits designs have a huge variety of options to choose from.

8. Pakistani Salwar Kameez

Known for its simple and elegant look, Pakistani salwar kameez is generally preferred by women who want a long straight cut kameez. This attire will work wonders for offices or any classic/formal occasions. But anyone looking for a fancy salwar suit in this pattern does not need to worry. Pakistani salwar kameez also comes in dressy and regal intricate designs suitable for weddings.

9. Pant Style Salwar Suit

A pant style salwar suit design consists of skinny style pants for salwars. Something between the lines of a churidar and puffed salwar, yet none of them precisely. These breathable and narrow looking pants are loose near the ankles. These are mostly paired with long or short kurta. Pant style salwar suit looks elegant and smart on all body types. They look amazing in formal attire, as well as exotic party wear looks. This style is a fusion of western trousers and traditional salwar kameez, bringing out the best in both.

10. Salwar Suit With A Cape Or Jacket


Styling your salwar suit with a cape is comparatively a recent trend, desired by most women. From Anarkali suits to palazzo and churidar suits, everyone thinks it’s great to style it with a cape to make a unique fashion statement. You can further this look with bangles and necklaces or stylish handbags. This Indo western look is paired with saree quite a lot too. Capes and jackets have a way to make simple and graceful things look chic and charming.

11. Lehenga Salwar Suit


The lehenga salwar suit is metamorphosed from the fusion of lehenga choli and salwar kameez. This perfect blend of the two amazing Indian traditional wear consists of a long skirt or lehenga, a kurta, and a dupatta. Best suited for events like weddings and receptions, this attire leaves you with plenty of room to experiment. You can interchange the kurtas, dupattas and in fact, you can also give it a saree look. This ethnic wear is suitable for all body types and makes you the center of attention at any gathering or event.

12. Sharara Salwar Suits

Sharara Salwar Suits

Sharara salwar suit recently made a comeback in the fashion industry, and one can’t help but appreciate the beauty of this attire. They are spectacular for festive occasions, weddings, and receptions. Graceful and elegant to look in, and comfortable enough to dance your heart out and enjoy. Sharara salwar suits not only give chic elements to your looks but also speak volumes of personality. A heavily flared pant paired with a short kurta and dupatta will ensure that you are the prime focus anywhere you go. Sharara suits are known for their intricate embroidery and design, heavy salwar, and plain dupatta.

13. Floor-Length Salwar Suits

Floor-Length Salwar Suits


One can’t go wrong, choosing to wear floor-length salwar suits for any prominent gatherings like weddings. From women in their 50s to young girls of 5, recently everyone loves the look of floor-length salwar. With a pinch of sophistication and a great deal of fabulousness, this attire flatters the body, giving you a taller and petite look. The floor-length salwar suits come in many patterns and styles with fitted bodice and high necklines or the loose ghagra style flare.

It is a must to have at least one of these gorgeous sets of fancy salwar suits in your wardrobe. They’re a part of the tradition and culture in India. These salwar kameez will never let you down in case of an emergency or doubt. Indian online stores and markets offer beautiful designs for every occasion. After the lockdown that seemed endless, it’s time to get creative and improve your fashion by adding these latest salwar suit pieces to your wardrobe for when you step back into the world. No worries, relax and find these amazing designs and patterns of salwar suit online on Kreeva from the comfort of your homes.


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