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Wedding Sarees For Brides


Marriage is considered to be the inception of a novel experience for women in India. It is a significant move for this special day necessitates thorough planning. Every bride-to-be will desire that their special day be perfect. Every girl dreams of looking like a princess, walking down the aisle on their wedding day. Hence wedding sarees for brides are the most important, opulent, and graceful attire they will ever hold in their life. This is the outfit a woman cherishes the most and sometimes passes on to the coming generations. For augmenting and enhancing the overall charge of the bride, a bridal saree plays the most essential part and a bride spends most of her time contemplating what kind of marriage saree she should get to look her best on the D-day.


bridal saree

A bridal saree is a nine-yard long outfit that appends charm and grace in every bride’s look. A bride looks extremely stunning and breathtaking in her wedding saree when she gets ready after wearing all the adornments and embellishments. If you are worried about where to get a bridal saree, you must note that there are a broad assortment of wedding sarees for brides obtainable online.

You can choose from plenty of alternatives like designer sarees for wedding. The importance that sarees have can never be denied as it is supreme. India is known for its diversity and hence every culture holds its distinct style when it comes to marriage sarees. You can get a South Indian Kanjivaram silk saree or Gujrati Patan patola saree, or Maharashtrian Paithni saree, or a chanderi saree from Madhya Pradesh.

Choose The Most Elegant Wedding Sarees For Brides

When a bride steps into her wedding venue dolled up in this nine-yard elegance, it is indisputable that it will make every head turn to her. When you take a look at your mother’s or grandmother’s closet, you will find some sarees that are their cherished, most priceless possessions. A wedding saree arrives in distinct shades, patterns and designs hence making it the most essential factor to hold while choosing comfortable yet chic wedding sarees for brides.

Elegant Wedding Sarees

If you are also looking for the latest wedding sarees collection, here are some amazing designs of a traditional and designer saree for wedding that a bride can choose for her big day to get that perfect look.

1. Legendary Kanjivaram Saree


Kanjivaram Saree

If you have not heard about the beauty and charm of a Kanjivaram saree, then you are definitely living under a rock. These Kanjivaram sarees for weddings have eternally remained the first choice that every bride desires wearing on her wedding day, as they look most stunning in an exquisite kanjivaram saree. The opulent and intricate work of gold and silver threads is what makes these sarees a masterpiece.

You can easily shop for these Kanjivaram also known as Kanchipuram wedding sarees online. A bride can choose from a wide range of shades like a red Kanjivaram saree with embroidery, or a yellow Kanjivaram saree with a golden border for rocking that Haldi ceremony, or a green Kanjivaram saree with the design of leaves for a Mehendi function. These Kanjivaram sarees are originated from Tamilnadu and crafted with the finest quality zari that provides it a delicate texture and gleam making every bride captivating on her wedding day.

2. Banarasi Sarees For A Traditional Wedding


These Banarasi sarees for wedding bride hail straight from the city of the ghats, Varanasi. The shades, embellishment, and hand-crafted design is what makes it most prefered by Indian brides as their staple wedding outfit. These sarees hold artistic tawny and silver-gilt textile patterns that incorporate plenty of influences from the ancient Mughal age. There is a wide variety of Banarsi sarees that a bride can choose from for her wedding festivities.

Banarasi sarees for wedding

You can pick a Banarasi yellow saree for weddings for a Haldi ceremony or a striking Banarsi red wedding saree to flaunt each look with elegance. There are assorted varieties of Banarasi saree like Shattir saree, organza saree with the combination of silk and zari, katan saree, georgette saree, jamdani saree, Shalu saree and countless more. You can pair these exquisite Banarsi sarees with heavy jewellery to get that excellent royal touch.

3. Muga Silk Sarees


These Muga Silk sarees for weddings are the most loved and adored saree by every bride. This Muga silk is one of the most unusual species of silk that is created only in Assam. The colour of this silk is light yellow, and hence is referred to as Muga, which is translated to yellow. This Muga silk saree is widely preferred because of its elaborate work of embroidery.

You will get plenty of petal designs, tree leaves designs and Bihu inspired representations on these sarees. These sarees are hand-crafted with the finest silk threads that make it the best choice for every bride. These Muga silk sarees are further extremely prevalent among Assamese brides. You can pair this piece of art with heavy gold ornaments to look stunning and elegant. Buy and cherish your trendy silk sarees for wedding, with the best!

4. A Classic Red Wedding Saree


Classic Red Wedding Saree

Nothing can beat a bride wearing a red wedding saree on her big day. In India, the colour red is the sign of auspiciousness and love, and that is the reason a classic red coloured saree is adored and prefered by most of the brides. The colour red further augments the charm and beauty of the wearer to help them look more stunning.

These are a wide range of wedding red sarees for bride available online that they can choose from to get that excellent wedding look. You can choose a classic red saree from different patterns and designs like embroidered saree, Bengali red and white saree, stone and mirror work red saree, a red saree with golden border and countless more. You can pair this classic red saree with matching or contrast accessories to complete your look.

5. Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree


Marathi ladies adore wearing a conventional Nauvari saree for bride on their wedding day. These sarees are also regarded as Kasta or Paithni Saree in Maharashtra. These dulhan saree designs can be customised as per the requirements of the bride.

Nauvari Saree

These Nauvari sarees are handwoven and come in vibrant colours like peacock green, turquoise blue, lemon yellow all embellished with gold or silver thread work rendering them opulent. Nauvari sarees are forever recognised as unique due to their unique design and style of wrapping.

6. Gujrati Bandhni And Patan Patola Saree


These Gujarati wedding sarees are originated from a small town in Gujrat named as Patan. These Patan patola silk sarees carry with itself some bizarre prints and symmetrically woven designs that are completely handcrafted in Bandhani designs and vibrant colours.  The tie and dye Bandhani print on these wedding sarees makes it the most preferred choice among the brides.

Patan Patola Saree

It is also believed these sarees are an epitome of beauty and good luck and offered to Goddess Durga during Navratri. You can choose from various types of Gujrati sarees like a woven patola silk saree,  white & red Gujrati saree, the famous Gharchola saree and many more. You can pair this Gujarati Patan patola saree with exquisite diamond or gold jewellery to look stunning on your wedding day.

7. Kerala’s Traditional Pattu Saree


These Wedding Pattu sarees traditionally come from God’s Own Country, Kerala. These simple designed Pattu sarees can provide brides with all the required elegance and grace for their wedding day.  Their modern designs and employment of vibrant shades are what set these sarees aloof from any distinct kind of silk sarees.

Kerala's Traditional Pattu Saree

If you cannot decide which coloured pattu sarees to wear from a wedding day then you can effortlessly choose a multi-coloured pattu saree that looks best when adorned with light makeup and heavy ornaments and pattu wedding saree blouse. You can also choose from a wide variety of pattu saree options like Jalli Pattu saree, embellished Pattu saree, Zari Pattu saree and many more to get that perfect wedding look.

8. Telangana’s Pochampally Ikat Saree


This famous Pochampally Ikat saree hails from a small town in Telangana known as Pochampally. These wedding sarees are famous for their exquisite fabric and symmetric print that are crafted in Ikat pattern.

Pochampally Ikat Saree

This pochampally silk saree is crafted with a blend of cotton and silk that keep a bride comfortable during the wedding festivities. You can pair this trendy silk sarees for wedding with heavy gold jewellery to shine bright and make heads turn on your wedding day.  Choose the best from the latest wedding sarees collection to glam up your night!

The Bottom Line

The wedding day is the most important part of a woman’s life. And choosing the perfect wedding saree is crucial for several reasons. It’s of course one of the most important days in your life. Therefore looking your best should and a bride always desire to look most beautiful on her wedding day as there will be hundreds of selfie and picture clicking moments with your friends and life partner. Wedding sarees for brides arrive in distinct designs, shades, fabrics and many more. You must always go for an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, elegant and self-confident.

If you are looking for the latest wedding sarees collection, then you must look no further than They hold a wide range of wedding sarees online crafted in the finest material and latest embellishments and all at an affordable price range.


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