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Punjabi Salwar Suits Online


Salwar suit is the traditional clothing for both men and women in Punjab. Originally, the salwar was loose-fitting and flared, and the kameez was similar to a short shirt. The Punjabi salwar suit is paired with a dupatta or scarf, draped over the left shoulder and under the right shoulder. The Punjabi suit design is comfortable and easy to wear. It is suitable for almost all occasions, from weddings to casual outings. Paired with the right accessories, this original, authentic salwar kameez is a staple for women’s wardrobes across the country.

Shopping For Traditional Punjabi Salwar Suits Online

The first salwar kameez design to gain popularity was the Punjabi salwar suit. Taking inspiration from the Pakistani and Punjabi styles, it then spread to the rest of the country, marking itself as a favorite among men and women alike. With the evolution in the world of fashion, the Punjabi salwar suit has undergone several transformations.

Today, the latest Punjabi suits have taken the fashion industry by storm, both in India and internationally. While shopping for Punjabi suits online, keep a few tips in mind to ensure that you choose genuine salwar suits.

1. Choose The Right Salwar

traditional Punjabi salwar


Salwars are an integral part of the traditional Punjabi salwar suit design. However, any regular salwar or bottom wear does not suffice. A traditional Punjabi salwar is called a Suthan. It is loose till the ankles and has a tight ‘Mori’ around the ankles. But contemporary salwar designs include several variations of the suthan.

The Patiala salwar, also called the Pattian Walee Shalwar, is voluminous. It has several pleats that give a flared look. This style gets its name from the Patiala region in Punjab. Although this look is hard to carry, it gives an elegant finish to the woman wearing it.

The Maharani Patiala salwar is a variation of the patiala. Unlike the regular patiala, this salwar has more number of pleats and folds. With the regal touch that it gives to the outfit, this salwar is best suited for weddings or sangeets. The Dhoti salwar is a modern take on the traditional Punjabi salwar. It is usually worn by knotting the string around the waist. It gives a chic and edgy look to the outfit.

While shopping for the perfect Punjabi salwar suits, make sure to pay attention to the type of salwar. Check if the online seller provides these salwar varieties. This simple bottom wear can make or break your outfit!

2. Choose The Right Kameez

Punjabi kurta


The kameez is also known as the Punjabi kurta. It typically comes with full sleeves or quarter length sleeves with slits on both sides of the shirt. Punjabi kameez designs are known for their short length and straight cut. This highlights the flowing salwar, but modern designs have their own take on the Punjabi kurta. They often experiment with the sleeves and the neckline. Short sleeves and sleeveless kameez designs are slowly gaining popularity among the buyers. Necklines range from shirt collar necks, Mandarin collars, boat necks, V necks, and many more. Sometimes, the length of the Kurti may be above the knee instead of the traditional knee-length. This length works great when paired with a Maharani patiala salwar.

When buying the kameez online, make sure the length measurement matches your body shape and size. Check if the seller offers customization of necklines if you plan on purchasing an unstitched or semi-stitched Punjabi suit.

3. Don’t Forget The Dupatta


As comfort is slowly taking precedence over style, many women choose to leave out the dupatta. But the look of the original Punjabi salwar suit is only completed with the dupatta or the veil. Punjabi suits are colorful and make a statement. Pairing them with a contrasting shade of dupatta gives them cheerful vibes. The dupattas are usually made of semi-transparent fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, net, or tissue fabric. Wedding outfits often call for silk dupattas for the touch of regality. Most dupattas come with the traditional embroidery work of Punjab – phulkari thread work.

When you are looking for new Punjabi suit designs, check if they come with dupattas. For party-wear Punjabi salwar suits, you can also buy your dupatta separately. Pairing a heavily embroidered dupatta with a plain Punjabi salwar kameez makes for the perfect wedding look.

4. Accessorize Your Look

Embellishments are a must for any Punjabi dress. Besides the phulkari needlework dupatta, look for sequins, beads, and zari work. Mirror, stone works, and tassels are also popular among customers. Such traditional work adds a vibrancy to the overall look.

No party wear Punjabi salwar look is complete without jewelry. Accessories like bangles, necklaces, rings, jhumkas, and anklets can be used to accentuate the overall style. You can also try the traditional Punjabi footwear called jutti. But make sure to avoid overdoing the accessories. Too many embellishments make your outfit loud and tasteless. If you have a detailed salwar suit, opt for more subtle jewelry. You can experiment with potli bags or clutches with zari work if you’re dressing up for a sangeet or mehndi.

5. Focus On The Fabric


Focus On The Fabric

Punjabi salwar suits come in a multitude of fabric. From cotton to silk, georgette to chiffon, crepe to velvet, there are endless fabric options for you to choose from. Since it is difficult to feel the fabric when shopping online, make sure you thoroughly read the product description. For everyday wear, cotton or linen salwar suits work best. These breathable fabrics offer optimum comfort without compromising on the style statement.

For more formal events such as cocktail parties or office outings, go for silk and velvet suits. These add a touch of sophistication and charm to the outfit. Weddings, sangeets, and festivals call for extravagance. Chiffon, georgette, crepe and chanderi are perfect for such occasions. They give the Punjabi suit design the quintessential flair and volume.

6. Choosing Between Stitched And Unstitched Suits

While most online sellers provide readymade Punjabi suits, there are some which sell unstitched or semi-stitched suits as well. If you are on the fuller side, look for unstitched Punjabi suits online. This allows you to customize your dress as per your body size and shape. However, if you are confident in your measurements, go for stitched suits. Slight alterations are always easy to do at home if needed.

7. Follow The Trends

While the Punjabi salwar suit has been famous in northern India for many centuries, it has caught the attention of international designers and celebrities in recent times. With every designer giving their own twist to this traditional salwar suit, there have been many transformations in its style.

It is recommended that you follow the latest trends for Punjabi dress patterns. Experiment with cuts such as the asymmetrical hemline, one side slit, side trails, and zipper above the waist. This adds a touch of uniqueness and style to your otherwise traditional outfit. Look for trendy prints and motifs to jazz up your new style Punjabi suits. If your kameez is entirely printed, choose a plain salwar to accentuate the beauty of the prints. Look for such novelties when buying your party wear Punjabi dress online.

8. Suit The Occasion


weddings and sangeets

Your outfit must match the occasion. Walking in overdressed or underdressed for any event is a huge faux pas in the world of fashion. For a formal event such as an office gathering or a business outing, go for classy Punjabi suits. Opt for fabrics such as silk and don’t forego the dupatta. Long sleeves are most suitable for such professional affairs. Be discreet with the accessories and designs.

For weddings and sangeets, you can never go wrong with georgette, chiffon, and crepe. It is best to go for voluminous suits. Go all out on the jewelry and embellishments. Sleeveless and cap-sleeved Kurtis add an element of liveliness to the overall look.

For receptions and cocktail parties, velvet is your best friend. This fabric adds royalty and grace to the outfit. Its rich shades are perfect for evening events.

9. Focus On The Practicalities

While the salwar suit’s look and style are essential, you must not forget to check the size chart. Punjabi salwar suits only look perfect when they fit you correctly. Cross-check your measurements on the size chart provided by the seller.

You should always read the product reviews before making an online purchase. They often help a buyer make up their mind about the product. Reading the other buyers’ opinions about the size to fit, the color, and the quality of the product will help you understand if the suit is a perfect match for your needs. Remember to go through the return policy carefully. It is never a bad idea to be sure about it when you are shopping for clothes online.

Most importantly, check the prices. Ensure that the fabric, design, and overall fit of the salwar kameez are worth the expense. Set a price range beforehand based on your budget and look at your available options before deciding on your final pick.

Keeping these tips in mind while buying Punjabi suits online gives you a seamless shopping experience. It is confusing to buy Punjabi suits online with the number of options available to us. With its extensive collection and price range, Kreeva helps you choose Punjabi suit latest designs based on the type, occasion, color, and fabric. This enables you to shortlist your favorite styles and find the perfect fit for yourself. Positive customer reviews clearly indicate their business reputation. To receive the latest information about new stock, offers, and discounts, you can subscribe to Kreeva’s newsletters on their website. Find your perfectly new Punjabi suit from the comfort of your home!


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