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Pakistani Salwar Kameez


Pakistani clothing mainly refers to ethnic clothing expressing the culture of Pakistan. Pakistani salwar kameez being the national dress of the country is worn by both men and women.

Salwar refers to short loose trousers or pyjamas and kameez with this referring to shirts. Typically, it is cut long and straight and paired usually with pants or churidar. The side seams are open below the waistline (the opening is known as chalk), giving the wearer greater freedom of movement. Women prefer wearing salwar kameez with a long scarf or shawl known as dupatta. It can either be worn around the head or neck. The pants can be both wide and baggy or can be quite narrow.

Pakistani Salwar Kameez


The Uniqueness Of Pakistani Salwar Kameez

The topmost uniqueness of Pakistani salwar kameez

  • An average Pakistani Kurta is an ankle-length tunic, with a straight cut and two side slits.
  • The salwar comes in a fluidic fabric, kept loose and tied on to a waist with a thread.
  • The Kurtis neck is heavily embellished with Zardosi work, thread embroidery, and traditional Pashmina work to suit various occasions.
  • This dress looks incomplete without the dupatta, a 2-meter cloth, that comes with matching embroidery.
  • There are many qualities of this traditional dress like the Mughul Anarkali, Afghan Salwars, Balochi Suits etc. These are worn by the local women in parts around Pakistan and inspired by many dress designers.

Choose The Best Fabric

Variety of fabrics in salwar kameez

Women rule the world! Indian women stack their wardrobe with plenty of salwar kameez. In ready form or choosing the suitable dress material for getting the dress stitched exactly according to their sizes, Salwar kameez is a must for every woman.

Variety of fabrics are available for salwar kameez, but the few that adds a little spark are the ones mentioned below-

  • Silk:

    Due to its extremely smooth and shiny texture, silk is the most popular fabric used for making the most expensive salwar kameez. So the wearers feel comfortable and look gorgeous while donning the silk salwar kameez sets on any special season. Different variations of silks are available all over India, which are mostly named according to their places of origin, among which Banarasi silk, Mysore silk and Tussar silk are most famous.

  • Cotton:

    Cotton is universally accepted as the most comfortable fabric because of India’s warm tropical climate throughout the year. Thus, cotton cloths are mostly preferred as the absolute dress material for making salwar kameez used daily. Cotton fabric is light and most comfortable for wearing in India’s hot and humid climate, as air can pass efficiently through the visible pores present in between the fibres of this cloth. But the cotton dresses are no less beautiful than other fabrics, as all tones of colours can be dyed and printed over the cotton clothing. Often cotton fibre is combined with silk, jute and synthetic materials; though pure cotton is the most preferred body for stitching dresses.

  • Synthetic Fabrics:

    Among the synthetically manufactured cloths, georgette, chiffon and crepe are the most popular ones for making salwar kameez sets. Georgette makes very fine and comfortable dresses, while this fabric’s strength can sustain the load of long embroideries of heavy threads. The free-flowing variety of georgette helps in creating the most fashionable designs. Chiffon is another important fabric widely used for making the Anarkali style salwar suits, due to its grace and grandeur. Crepe is favoured due to its wrinkled texture and lightness, which make the salwar kameez sets prettier.

The most used fabric in the salwar kameez is- georgette, rayon, lycra, chanderi, Polly Cotton, art silk, net, crepe, linen, tissue, jacquard, chiffon and canvas.

Trending Salwar Kameez Design In Pakistani Style

 A Pakistani salwar suit is a straight cut attire with slits on each side. The Kurti is obtainable in different designs like embroidery work, stonework, various neck styles and croche patch borders. Whereas, the salwar is also available in engraving pattern, thread work, and dabka designs which further intensify the grace of the outfit.

Here are the ten most popular designs of salwar kameez in Pakistani style:

1. Lawn Suits

Lawn Suits

Lawn Suits is the most popular Pakistani salwar kameez design worn by women throughout the summer. It is sheer with a lightweight cotton fabric and a silky texture. The lawn suits have a long straight kameez made up of superior quality lawn fabric along with the matching churidar and a chiffon dupatta. The suits are mainly decorated with intricate zari, sequins, thread embroidery and beadwork. The suits are available in silk and georgette material and summer cool colours like light pink, lemon yellow etc.

2. Patiala Salwar Kameez-


It is an important dress of Pakistani fashion. Consisting of fitted short or long tunics or Kurtis paired with beautiful pleated loose Patiala pants and a chiffon or silk dupatta. This outfit is worn as a casual attire and offers the absolute movement of freedom. The Patiala is available in delicate colours like pastel pink, light green, mauve etc.

3. Frock Kurti Salwar Kameez

Frock Kurtis are just the original ethnic kurta with a frilled bottom to give it a dress like beauty. Single or multi-colour, they still attract women.

4. Straight Salwar Kameez-

Straight Salwar Kameez

It is a beautiful attire with an exclusively beautiful batik print with broad and spread-out paisley motifs in white. They are available in soothing colours like ink blue, olive green, burgundy and yellow and many more.

5. Long Straight-Cut Churidar

The churidar salwar suit is an evergreen choice for any festivals and ceremonies. It is one of the most popular outfits for long. Women choose to wear multiple colours and designs of churidar in any festive season. Most women like to wear a churidar salwar suit in Eid festival because of the culture and tradition it exhibits.

6. Jacket Or Shrug


Patiala Salwar Kameez

Shrug style dress or salwar suit is the season’s big ethnic trend in women’s salwar suit style, and these styles are perfect for parties and ceremonies. Women enjoy the party fully without taking much care of the dupatta because it is attached or separately worn over the kameez. So, having this look in wardrobe collection is a must in this rapidly changing trend.

7. Anarkali Suit


Anarkali Suit

These suits are one of the classic styles for Pakistani women that have become popular in India and around the world. This design looks good in almost all the body shapes. With a fitted shape till the waist, the Anarkali suit emerged into a flowing and flared silhouette. With a simple churidar and a matching dupatta of chiffon, women are ready to go. These majestic suits have been a part of Indian ethnic wear since the Mughal era.

For years these suits were confined to occasions like weddings and other grand-scale celebrations. But now, they have been adapted to keep up with present-day trends in the form of Anarkali gowns and Anarkali Kurtis. Such widened outfits have become a summer favourite and are being sported by women even as everyday attire.

8. Short Flared Salwar Kameez

Inspired by the Anarkali look, the kameez is much shorter in length up to knees making it amazing, and stylish casual wear is worn on any occasion. These salwar kameez are available in bright printed and embroidered cotton, georgette, crepe and silk material.

9. Floor Length Suit

They are the hottest in the runway for any woman, with a detailed zari, sequin, and stonework around the neck. These suits are available in superior quality georgette and chiffon material. Women mostly wear this pattern on special occasions. A full-sleeved straight cut paired with simple churidar or straight dupatta never fails to give an elegant look to the attire.

10. Sharara Salwar Kameez


Sharara Salwar Kameez

With a straight long salwar kameez being one of the classic designs for ladies of all ages. The kameez has a straight cut with a length of 2 inches above the ankle. They are paired with a churidar bottom and a matching or contrasting dupatta of silk or chiffon. It has a straight-to-flare-silhouette and makes the wearer appear taller along with parallel palazzo pants. It brings welcome variation to the same old churidars and salwar. Sharara suits are the most extensive type of Pakistani style suits for women which have become a festive favourite among Indians and women belonging to several Asian and Middle East countries. These bell-bottom outfits look voluminous and dressy and therefore make good outfit options for festivals like Eid.

Although Pakistani salwar kameez and Punjabi suits are the same, there still lies a difference in it. Punjabi suits are authentic and classic in design consisting of a short fitted kameez paired with a Patiala and a dupatta. Whereas Pakistani suits reflect Pakistani culture, it has elegance and charm with embroidery. These can be paired with churidars, pants, Patiala and palazzo.

Cotton Velvet White, All Is Right

While every woman has a colour preference, white tends to be an all-time favourite. A colour that never goes out of fashion has an oomph factor associated with it and a sense of surrealism. White colour salwar kameez gives the perfect angelic look like always desired. This subtle yet elegant colour has always been in vogue since eternity. A white colour formal Anarkali salwar kameez looks as good as a pure white cotton Chikankari salwar kameez.


white Sharara Salwar Kameez

It goes well with rich contrasting colour embroideries, sequins or beadwork.

White ethnic is beautifully paired with gold plated jewellery for getting a fascinating look. If the cut patterns are great and well stitched, then no other colour can match the white salwar kameez’s regal look.

For rich and royal experience people prefer buying velvet salwar kameez.

Velvet being the fabulous fabric and indulges in some loyal and sophisticated clothing for Pakistani women. Velvet salwar kameez effortlessly betas the chill and women wearing it flaunts their royalty.

Versatile, stylish and very comfortable cotton salwar kameez is a modern women’s go-to go attire.

Also not to forget black salwar kameez is their daily attire. For campus wear, boardroom meetings, and casual outings the A-line straight cut black Pakistani salwar kameez adds a spark to every woman wearing it. From sequins to floral print, embroidery and stonework, there is nearly no death of design that one can choose.

The Bottom Line

Pakistani women flaunt their Pakistani salwar kameez collection and run the world with their changing trends and their comfortable piece of clothing. Their fabric is well known for its long-lasting quality and for giving a royal look to a woman. The Pakistani salwar kameez is without any argument the most graceful form of attire. The potential of popularizing salwar kameez to all age groups is immense and is well-founded by Pakistani women. With more cuts, style-line and detailing like pockets, zippers, and fabric and colour variation, it becomes more acceptable and fashionable.


[…] A Pakistani Salwar Kameez is a popular choice among both commoners and celebs due to its grandeur and comfort. This post will analyse this outfit style and look at the latest Salwar Kameez patterns from Pakistan. […]

[…] A Pakistani Salwar Kameez is a popular choice among both commoners and celebs due to its grandeur and comfort. This post will analyse this outfit style and look at the latest Salwar Kameez patterns from Pakistan. […]

[…] for its simple and elegant look, Pakistani salwar kameez is generally preferred by women who want a long straight cut kameez. This attire will work wonders […]

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