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Ruffle Lehenga Choli Designs


The ruffle concept comes from the ruffle blouse trend of the ’50s. Ruffles have often been correlated with femininity for some odd reason. Ruffle originated from the Greek word ‘ruffelen,’ which implies disrupting the original simple texture of anything when the cloth curls up and is now used to accompany beautiful ruffle lehenga choli, commonly worn on festive events.  It’s incredible to know that in the late 50s, ruffle blouses were worn by both males and females; while males usually had ruffle sleeves, women wore ruffle blouses.

ruffle sleeves


Furthermore, over the years, designers have used Ruffles in skirts and gowns, recently making their debut in Indian Ethnic wear. And ever since its inclusion, the trend has quickly caught and become immensely popular. You can now buy ruffle lehenga choli online, from Kreeva for best outfits.

Sarees have become very popular with ruffled borders, but ruffle lehenga choli has taken the lead because of their popularity due to the wide variety of fabrics, styles, and designs available and the way they portray a new, fresh and gorgeous look.

Wide Availability Of Ruffle Lehenga Choli

Due to the subtle yet fashionable look they depict, they are highly trendy and loved by fashion enthusiasts and makers. One can find designer ruffle lehenga choli made by high-end designers and big brands or at local boutiques, whatever is suitable to them.


Ruffle Lehenga Choli

Additionally, they are also widely available online. You can do ruffle lehenga online shopping along with the choli, of top-notch quality and designs. Ranging from different kinds of clothing materials, designs, embroidery, and much more. You can choose the one you like, and you can get them online on these websites.

Add A Dramatic Touch To Your Lehenga With Ruffles

Ruffle Lehengas are perfect for adding a subtle dramatic touch to your lehenga that goes perfectly with every occasion. Be it your wedding, reception, or any simple ceremony.

Perfect for any body type. If you are curry, go for smaller frills and if you are petite, add lots of big ruffles to your lehenga.

You can find a plethora of ruffle lehenga online as well as offline. We’ve curated this list of some of the best and the most preferred ones for you :

1. Georgette Ruffle Lehenga


Georgette Ruffle Lehenga

Georgette is a breathable and lightweight fabric material. It has this wavy appearance, coupled with its potential to carry drapes effortlessly, renders it one of the best fabrics to use in ruffle lehengas. Georgette retains dyes very well, much like its cousin crepe, and can thus be tie-dyed and feature prints as well as vibrant solid colors. For a slightly dressy look to be carried for a relative or acquaintance’s wedding functions, a Georgette Ruffle Lehenga is an ultimate pick.

2. Ruffle Lehenga Saree

Arm embroidered full sleeves blouse with a lehenga-saree with a ruffle pally is just what you need to pick up for this wedding season. Lehenga Saree is perfect for a light occasion – it all depends on how confident you are wearing a unique design.

3. Asymmetrical Ruffle Lehenga


Georgette Ruffle Lehenga

To certain people, symmetry can look old-fashioned. This ruffle lehengas design ideally supports this notion by illustrating the appeal of asymmetry that today, even more, contemporary designers and stylists embrace. An asymmetrical ruffle lehenga choli includes ruffles that may occur randomly at first glance, but they are arranged exceptionally carefully, which is noticeable in the overall design. This design is a massive success across modern women who are trendy and can be worn on any occasion, be it a small function or actual ceremony.

4. Net Ruffle Lehenga

The net has always been the first choice in ruffles and frills due to its fluffy look. A net ruffle lehenga choli can create a princess look very simple, with soft, fluffy ruffles. Net ruffles can be used in a multi-layered fashion and just for adding it to the lehenga neckline or dupatta border for just a touch of thrill.

5. Ballroom Ruffle Lehenga


Ballroom Ruffle Lehenga

A ballroom lehenga is a silhouette that women prefer for their special days when they want to feel like a princess. In its glare, a ballroom lehenga is similar to the ballroom gowns are worn by Disney princesses that most little girls dream of one day wearing. It is a layered lehenga that can be made both from lightweight and heavier fabrics, and one of the most trendy styles is the ballroom lehenga with ruffles.

6. Satin and Silk Ruffle Lehenga

Silk and Satin have a thicker, more formal look, while georgette is pure and lightweight and retains a more relaxed yet beautiful appearance. These fabrics’ exquisite shimmer as light reflects off them gives a graceful and royal effect to the pleasant, fashionable ruffles of silk or satin ruffle lehenga. This lehenga can ideally be used for your wedding ceremonies or the wedding day of your relative or friend. It is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to state.

Give A Classy Look To Your Choli With Ruffle Choli Designs

You can give a classy look to your choli by experimenting with the choli sleeves and neckline, add ruffle sleeves to your choli instead of the same old do-n-dusted designs. There’s certainly nothing as impressive as ruffles when we’re talking about a fancy choli style—adding an authentic yet classy design to your choli. It can make you stand out from the audience, literally.

These are some ruffle choli designs that can go with any lehenga –

1. Long Ruffle Sleeves

Long Ruffle Sleeves


Several celebrities have worn ruffle choli that, in trendy ways, have set a style statement. If you want to wear a choli with long sleeves, you might as well add some fancy ruffles. Long ruffle sleeves choli can take even a basic lehenga and instantly make it look chic! Depending on the style, elbow-length or full-length ruffle sleeves may be used. The elegance and sophisticated look are complemented by long-sleeve ruffle choli. Whether it’s flared or made of sheer or netted fabric, when you mix and match it with your lehenga, both look charming.

2. Short Ruffle Sleeves

Ruffle cholis with short sleeves look as fine as those with long sleeves. They’re adorable, girlish, and fun to style with. You can spice it up with a sheer ruffle sleeve as an alternative to the choli if you prefer wearing sleeveless. A sleeveless choli looks stylishly modern because of the multi-layer influence of ruffles. Several influencers, models, celebrities have tried it, and they look fantastic! You can use this design for a cold-shoulder choli, and it sure looks edgy and trendy.

3. Ruffle Style Off Shoulder Choli

Ruffle Style Off Shoulder Choli


Ruffle making the choli look more stunning can be worn with a sheer fabric Lehenga. A sheer ruffled off the shoulder choli will tremendously rule your overall appearance with a similar net Lehenga. Choosing a beautiful color makes it complete even without jewelry.

4. Voluminous Sleeves

If your fashion style is a little bit extra with loads of frills, then this style is for you. The bulky layer-filled ruffle blouse is only going to steal your breath away! A bulky ruffle sleeve blouse is a statement maker that can take a lehenga from zero to a hundred.

5. Experimenting With Necklines

Ruffle choli designs look trendy


Ruffle choli designs look trendy and elegant only when you have the neckline rightly done. Choli neck patterns are also equally crucial for the most stylish way of nailing a look. We are crushing off-late with a simple choli with cutesy ruffle details both on the neckline and on the sleeve.

You can choose a sleeveless ruffle blouse design with a graceful boat neck or high neck choli style. Or a backless choli with ruffle tassels and bulky sleeves may also be picked. It all depends on your fashion and style range. Even a deeply plunging V-neck or off-shoulder looks sexy, sleek, and modern with wavy ruffles.

6. Peplum Choli With Ruffles

A peplum Choli with ruffled sleeves is a perfect way to add some bohemian elegance to your outfit. The upper half of the choli is decorated with embroidery, including the sleeves, while the remainder is white. The choli’s color and design make it a perfect choice for an evening party.

Add The Charm To Your Ruffle Lehenga Choli With Ruffled Dupatta

Even the simplest of lehengas can be elevated by a ruffled dupatta and add such an old world-ish charm to your ensemble. They never go out of fashion. It may be a challenge to execute, but the WOW factor that will undoubtedly turn heads will be added. For the brides to wear this on their special day, the dupatta’s nature and style are suitable. The ruffle style dupatta is undoubtedly a suitable alternative for trendy and modern brides. Besides, the ruffle dupatta trend is continuing to grow drastically in bridal fashion clothing.

Ruffle Lehenga Choli With Ruffled Dupatta


The wide assortment of designs and patterns available for ruffle lehenga choli online can be quite confusing. With the availability of many websites and brands with tons of offers, It can become exhausting and tiring to have the fun, stress-relieving act of shopping. To help you with that, we’ve curated this great list of the most trending ruffle lehenga choli designs to help you pick the best design which complements your personality and fashion sense.

At Kreeva, we strive to make your shopping encounter as seamless as possible so it can continue to be something you enjoy rather than being something you fear. Enjoy our plentiful options for ruffle lehenga choli online to look your best at eventful occasions.


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