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Types of Sarees


Sarees are timeless. There is something for the 6-meter-long fabric that brings out the beauty in women who drape it. In the closet of any Indian woman (even foreigners), you are bound to find at least a few different types of sarees. Saree has been a staple for so long; every ethnic day celebration will be dotted with beautiful women in an equally beautiful saree. The thing about this evergreen outfit is that having one or a single type is never enough. We always want more; the more, the merrier. For they never get old, and the same goes for its charm.

Different Types of Sarees & Names You Need to Know

The appeal of sarees is endless, and so are the types of sarees. There are so many different saree types, each with several different variations. Women need to have a wide variety of sarees in their closet to spoil them for choice later. It is always essential to have a choice among a range of sarees; you never know which might be perfect for your next occasion.

Here You Will Find 20 Different Types Of Sarees You Need To Know And Have In Your Wardrobe

The Classic Chikankari Saree From Lucknow

One of the oldest yet latest saree trends is to wear a chikankari saree. The comfortable fabric is suited for all seasons, and the humid climate of India feels blissful with this material. Chikankari sarees look stunning on all ladies, irrespective of body type. Discussing Bollywood actresses who have stolen the show with chikankari, the top names have to be Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan. To look like a true Goddess, all you need to do is pair a white chikankari saree with a statement choker necklace, small ear studs, and a pearl cocktail ring.



Leheriya Defines Rajasthan

Leheriya is the top pick for those who are looking for Bollywood sarees. Considered a type of Bandhani saree, leheriya comes in a range of vibrant colors such as red, yellow, and pastel brown. Since the tie and dye fabric is so comfortable, it is perfect for a day-time wedding look or even a formal dinner where you will stand out from the mass. You can wear jewelry according to the occasion and venue to complete the look. A pro-tip is to ditch the high heels this time and try on colorful juttis.

Never underestimate Madhya Pradesh’s Chanderi

chanderi saree

Chanderi is rightfully called a fabric as light as a feather or maybe lighter. This is because silk, zari, and cotton are woven together to get this perfect piece of saree. The best part of choosing a chanderi saree is that it looks very royal and gorgeous- time to put social media captions, followed by #royalfeels. There are several fancy sarees online shopping options where you can find chanderi sarees, but Kreeva gives you a one hundred percent guarantee of authenticity.


Let’s get Banarasi from Varanasi

Banarasi sarees


The moment you hear of Banarasi sarees, you are bound to think of Anushka’s wedding reception, or Deepika in another Sabyasachi ensemble. But, let’s face it that not all of us can afford that. So, Kreeva offers Banarasi sarees at discounted rates to fit every buyer’s budget. These fabrics are eminent for their gold and silver zari work. A fun fact that makes these sarees irresistible is that they were initially created for women of the royal family and had real gold and silver weaves. #bollywoodsarees

Kasavu from God’s Own Country!

Sattu saree

Kerala is not just one of the prettiest places in India but also home to one of the most elegant types of sarees- the Kasavu. Also referred to as the Sattu saree, it was originally draped as a stole over a mundu (dhoti) and blouse. While the original pieces may also have threads of actual gold, you can get your customized Bollywood saree online. Amongst leading Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut has made this the latest saree trend. You can find several options for fancy sarees online shopping where Kasavu is available in multiple colors. If you want to make an indelible impression, drape the one in white and gold. Apply light make-up and wear pretty jhumkas to complete a semi-formal look.


Odisha’s Bomkai redefines simplicity.

Bomkai saree

If you are someone who has a very simple style, then Odisha’s Bomkai is the perfect Bollywood saree for you. Draped by former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on her wedding day, the Bomkai saree is a perfect example of India’s rich heritage and handloom industry. With intricate thread work along the saree’s border, these lengthy pieces are available in multiple colors. You can buy lovely nine-yard embroidery in silk and cotton to get a complete festive look. Waiting for our pro tip? Wear a tube-blouse to bring back sexy with this latest saree.


Aali re aali, Paithani aali!

hand-woven silk saree

Yes, you guessed it right. Paithani from Maharashtra is a grand hand-woven silk saree that looks gorgeous on every lady. It has a recurring ethereal peacock motif that adds the perfect oomph to your ensemble. Additionally, zari border helps you channel your inner Desi girl like no other outfit. You can instantly be shaadi ready with the Paithani saree. All you need to do is tie your hair in a high bun, wear sweetly scented gajra, and a complementary Jadau set. When you set out for fancy sarees online shopping, there is no way this can skip your list.


Bandhani ties you to Gujarat.

Bandhani saree

Pioneered by the Khatri community of Gujarat, Bandhani is a dreamy Bollywood Saree. If you are skeptical about draping it, then let us remind you that India’s richest lady, Nita Ambani, had worn the Manish Malhotra design with such poise at her daughter’s Udaipur sangeet. The best way to complete your Bandhani saree look is to wear a silver choker with it, tie your hair in a waterfall braid bun, and complete the look with a silver watch. If you choose a golden choker, then ensure that you wear a gold watch with it. You can opt for heavy earrings because the saree is very light and weightless. We cast our vote in favor of this latest saree.


● Punjab’s Phulkari adds the perfect retro zeal.

Punjabi kudi saree

Last but not least, Phulkari stands for ‘floral work’. Though the Phulkari fabric is essentially famous for dupattas, you can add a twist to your wardrobe by investing in a customized Phulkari saree. They are available in several bright colors and the elaborate floral thread work is such a charm. With a debut in the legendary Heer Ranjha story, you too can amaze your love in this avatar. Since it is Punjabi, style it the Punjabi kudi way. You can put a hair paranda or add colored extensions to complete the look.


●The Summer Treat – Tant Cotton Saree From West Bengal

Tant cotton sarees can be spotted in the streets of West Bengal, for the women in the state traditionally drape this saree. Meant to be worn as daily wear, Tant sarees are lightweight and comfortable during summers, but it is a bit rigid than other types of saree. Aside from everyday use, they can be worn for occasions like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, etc.

● The Regal Kanjeevaram Saree From Tamil Nadu

Kanjeevaram is a silk saree that hails from the Kanjeevaram region of Tamil Nadu. The silk woven sarees of this city is one of the best and most durable sarees there is. Kanjeevaram, with its rich texture and color, is the epitome of grace and elegance that will turn heads when you sport it.

● The Endemic Muga Silk Saree From Assam

The Muga silk from Assam is one of a kind, for it is produced by a silkworm endemic to the state. This is yet another resilient silk saree variety that is considered to outlive its wearer. The golden luster on the unique fabric of Muga sarees only increases with time. 

● The Grace of Pochampally Saree From Telangana

Pochampally is a silk saree variety name that hails from Telangana. What sets it apart from others is the geometric, intricate designs and bright, bold colors. With a cotton-silk blend fabric, Pochampally sarees are perfect for both occasions and casual wear.

● Kalamkari Sarees From Andhra pradesh – Saree of Flowers and Gods

The Kalamkari fabric is widely popular among Indian women. Like other womens clothing, Kalamkari sarees sport printed designs of gods and goddesses along with floral motifs. They are primarily found in cotton fabrics. However, there are silk sarees with Kalamkari prints. Regardless of the material or designs, Kalamkari sarees are lightweight, fashionable, and beautiful.

● Mithali Artform on Sarees – Madhubani Saree From Bihar

Madhubani is an art form from Mithali that depicts different forms of nature and styles and is done with fingers, twigs, nib pens, brushes, and matchsticks. Silk sarees with Madhubani prints are a sight to behold, especially when the fabric sports scenes and deities from ancient epics. These sarees also include designs of social occasions like childbirth and marriage.


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